Pot parents can’t touch kids

`Come on, Mom!  Come out of there!``Come on, Mom! Come out of there!`The California Department of Corrections has proposed that parents convicted of drug offenses be prohibited from touching their children during their first year in prison. The new rule would apply to those convicted of all drug offences other than possession, but would not apply to murderers or other types of prisoners. All visits between drug offenders and their children, no matter the age, would be through glass for the first year of their sentence.
According to a May 8, 2002, article in the online magazine Salon, “about 43 percent of women prisoners in California state facilities are drug offenders. The majority of these are single mothers, most of whom are expected to resume caring for their children at the end of their sentences.”

According to Salon, most research shows that incarcerated parents and their children do better when they are allowed to maintain contact. The parents are less likely to return to prison and the children have better emotional adjustment and behavior.`Come on, Mom! Come out of there!`

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