Letter writing campaign to free Michael Patriquen

I appeal to all members of the cannabis community to write polite letters to Minister of Justice Cauchon, asking for the release of Michael Patriquen (please read CC On-line Nova Scotia Marijuana Party Leader gets 6 years). A sample letter is presented below, which you may simply cut and paste into an e-mail and send to Minister Cauchon. If you have a couple minutes, a personal letter, however short, will have even greater impact.
In peace and love,
Reverend Damuzi

Contact Minister of Justice Cauchon at his e-mail: [email protected]

Sample letter:

To the Honourable Minister of Justice Cauchon:

Dear sir, I am writing to direct your attention to a miserable miscarriage of justice that blackens the reputation of Canada’s justice system. Using the worste tactics of legal bullying, RCMP and crown prosecutors have squeezed out a conviction for an innocent man, Michael Patriquen, because they needed to show results for a multi-million dollar investigation that produced very little in the way of real evidence. M Patriquen, father of two, and a Medical Marijuana Exemptee, is now being deprived of his medicine in jail by the order of a judge.

I ask that you set Patriquen free from imprisonment. I also ask that, while you consider your decision to free Patriquen, you give him access to the cannabis medicine that he has been righfully granted access to by the Department of Health. No other sick person would be denied their medication while in jail, and I hope that you will take this opportunity to correct an obvious injustice. If the correctional system cannot provide him with cannabis medication, he should be set free – at the very least under house arrest – to grow his own cannabis under the terms set out by his exemption.