First bust = 10 years

An 18-year-old in Georgia received a 10-year sentence and a $200,000 fine for his first offence of trafficking in cocaine. The youth, Keir Hall, sold $200 of cocaine to a sheriff’s informant. Officers then raided Hall’s home and found 76 grams of cocaine and $3000 cash. It was Hall’s first offence, but Georgia state law mandates the harsh compulsory sentence.
Hall’s state-paid attorney encouraged him to plead guilty and accept the sentence. “It’s a sad situation, but the General Assembly has decided that’s what the sentence should be,” the valiant public defender told Georgia’s Ledger-Enquirer.

Hall will be 28 when released from prison in 2012, and if he puts $500 towards his huge fine each month then he’ll have that paid off by the time he is 61.