A growing culture

This issue marks many new developments for our fine magazine, as we continue to expand and grow in a variety of exciting ways.
Cannabis Culture has become a truly international enterprise, with the publication of Cannabiskultur #1, our new German-language translation. Our new sister publication has mainstream distribution across Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and we hope that this is the first of many new translated editions to come, bringing our message of Peace and Pot to more people than ever before.

Our first special “Best Of” edition sold very well, and we’ll be releasing a new compilation of timeless, classic articles every six months, with the next one coming out in December, between issues #40 and #41. These special collections give our newer readers a chance to catch up on their cannabis history, providing a definitive resource of our best archived information.

Tickets are already available for our second Cannabis Culture Tokers’ Bowl. We expect that this time we’ll sell out, so I advise you to reserve your space early for this very special pot party.

Marijuana has become an increasingly hot topic in the mainstream, with pot policy being discussed and debated by the major media around the world. Global drug war is so entrenched that it will take many small steps to reach freedom. Many nations are moving slowly towards more rational drug policies, with each country afraid of being the first to move too fast.

At this crucial time in the development of new international policies towards pot, it is more important than ever that we remain firm in our goals. We cannot be satisfied with the halfway measures being discussed in England and Canada ? where tokers are given a hefty fine while growers and dealers get even more police attention and longer sentences. These ideas show that world governments are ready for change, and we must ensure that the changes are always in the direction of more freedom for us all.

We demand the complete liberation of our culture, and the right to grow and trade in cannabis products without penalty or interference. As long as our sacred plant is banned anywhere in the world then our job is not yet finished.

I urge you to join us in our quest for peace, pot and an end to the global drug war.

Dana Larsen
Editor, Cannabis Culture