Sunshine Coast Compassion Club to shut down

The Sunshine Coast Compassion Club, located in Gibsons, British Columbia, was raided by RCMP on August 23.
The club has never been a secret, operating openly for almost a year. Before opening, Kirkman atended local community policing meetings, informing RCMP and community leaders of her plans for a local Compassion Club. At those meetings, RCMP Staff Sergeant Ed Hill told Kirkman that police would “give her a call” before launching any raids. But Sergeant Hill retired in the spring, and now the RCMP in Gibsons is headed by administration from the nearby city of Sechelt.

Kirkman re-opened after the first raid, announcing on her website that she would continue to serve her 70 members on the coast and across Canada. “We’ve been busted, but we’re still open!” she proclaimed, continuing to offer med-pot for sale in person and via mail-order within Canada.

Constable Kim Hall, one of the arresting officers, returned to the club on August 30, brandishing a print-out of the club’s website. “We know about your website,” Hall told Kirkman. “If you continue to conduct illegal activities from this location we will arrest you and put you in jail this time. We’ll hold you two months until your court date on October 22nd.”

“I’m a mother too,” added Officer Hall ominously, referring to Kirkman’s breast-feeding baby daughter, “and I wouldn’t want to be separated from my child like that.”

“I have no choice but to shut down the club,” said Kirkman. “If I didn’t have a two-month old baby I’d be more willing to risk a jail term.”

Lisa Kirkman asks that anyone who supports medical marijuana to please call or email the Sechelt RCMP and politely ask them not to harass the Sunshine Coast Compassion Club.

Sechelt RCMP: 1-604-885-5332; [email protected]

Another place to contact and offer support is the Coast Reporter, the local paper for the Sunshine Coast.

Coast Reporter: 1-604-885-4811; [email protected]

Lisa Kirkman also needs your help to stay open. Please send donations and words of support to the Sunshine Coast Compassion Club.

PO Box 1629, Gibsons, BC, Canada, V0N 1V0
tel 604-886-6519
[email protected]