Medpot Protest in Toronto

On Friday, August 23, hundreds of medical users will protest at the Canadian Department of Justice in Toronto (130 King St W) at 9 AM.
Last week the Toronto Compassion Centre was raided. Four caregivers were arrested and charged. 1200 seriously ill Canadians have now been left without a secure and safe supply of medicine.

This week the Minister of Health, Anne Mcllellan spoke of being “uncomfortable” with her department’s medical marijuana project. She wants to dismantle the project. Her so-called “discomfort” pales in comparison to the suffering of thousands who have patiently waited for this government to take some constructive action to alleviate our pain and anguish. After growing hundreds of pounds of medicinal marijuana, with more to come, this medicine will never see the light of day because of the Minister’s discomfort. This would have been our only lawful supply.

The government cannot have their cake and eat it too. They cannot persecute caregivers operating compassion centres while at the same time refusing to distribute a safe supply of medicine to authorized Canadians. This charade must be stopped.

On Friday, August 23, 2002 hundreds of medical marijuana users will congregate at Bay and King at 9:00 a.m, outside the Exchange Towers (130 King St. W) – the offices of the Federal Department of Justice. We demand that the Department drop all charges against the Toronto Compassion Centre. This prosecution does not serve the public interest. Now, in light of the recent revelation that this government will not provide a supply to authorized Canadians, this prosecution borders on the absurd.

We invite all member of the press to join us to chronicle our protest and help us get our message out to all Canadians. It is morally reprehensible to play political games with health and welfare of Canadians suffering from AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and hepatitis C. We may be sick but we need not be silent. Please join us in our peaceful protest.

For further information, please contact:

Toronto Compassion Centre – Media contact for this event: Dominic S. Cramer, 416-721-6746 (24hr cellular)

Dominic S. Cramer,
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