Toronto Compassion Centre raided by police

The Toronto Compassion Centre (TCC) was raided by police on Teusday, August 13, 2002. Warren Hitzig, the club’s founder, was thrown behind bars, along with the club’s manager, Zachary Naftolin, and two employees. With the help of pro-pot lawyers Alan Young and Leora Shemesh, they were released the next day, with a combined bail surety of $8,000, much of which was provided by Toronto Star journalist Barbara Turnbull.
While TCC organizers were being released, supporters demonstrated outside of Toronto’s old city hall. Included among the supporters were some of the club’s 1,200 patients, many of whom suffer from life-threatening illnesses that can only be controlled by marijuana. The conditions of Hitzig’s and Naftolin’s bails include staying away from the TCC and not communicating with each other, leaving many wondering whether the TCC will be able to reopen its doors anytime in the near future.

TCC supporters are planning another demonstration sometime in the next week. For more information, check the contacts below.

e-mail: [email protected]
phone: (416) 654-6120