Busy Times

The last few months have been very busy times for the team at Cannabis Culture. You’ll have to wait until next issue to get all the details on what we’ve been up to, but here’s a sampling for now.

Cannabis Culture‘s first Tokers’ Bowl saw over 100 devoted readers make the trip to Vancouver to party it up with the CC crew while sampling two dozen strains of the finest BC bud. You’ll see the photos and fun in our next issue, but rest assured that everyone had a phabulous time, and that you should book your 2003 tickets early.

Out Pot-TV operation continues to bring new shows online, with about 1.3 million viewings of our 900 archived shows. Although I get harassed for not making more episodes of my Weedy Wednesday Smokefest, there’s plenty of new contributors and old favorites to choose from. If you haven’t yet visited pot-tv.net, you should get online and check it out.

Our publisher, Marc Emery, has launched his campaign to run for Mayor of Vancouver, with elections to be held in November. Emery’s actually been inundated with media interviews, with articles appearing in provincial and national media, as well as many American newspaper articles, and a special segment on MTV with literally millions of viewers across the US.

Emery and I also testified before Canada’s Senate Committee on Drugs. We were both on a panel, debating an RCMP spokesman and two addiction counselors about the benefits of marijuana. I am very optimistic that this committee will recommend pot-positive reform.

Vancouver proudly participated in the worldwide May 4 Million Marijuana March, coordinated by Cures-not-wars in New York. Along with sponsoring the printing of event posters, Cannabis Culture also tried to help out the individual marches by sending checks and some fun promotional materials to all 85 North American rallies that we could get in contact with. Next year we plan on helping out every single MMM event in the world, as part of our ongoing international efforts.

Finally, we also just produced our first “Best Of,” this special first edition being a compilation of our best grow material from our first seven years. We plan on releasing a new Best Of every six months, so you can expect to see the next one on store shelves in early December. If you don’t yet have a copy of the first Best Of then you’ll have to order it next issue, from our expanding mail-order service.

With all this on the go, plus some other more secret projects to be revealed in due course, we are invigorated and excited about the future. It’s true that we are being hemmed in with new laws and increased police action. But I see these as the desperate acts of a collapsing regime, unable to stop the rising tide of awareness and change.

To victory, and freedom.

Dana Larsen
Editor, Cannabis Culture