Introduction to Flash’s BCMP Chronicles

John `Flash` Gordon (right)John `Flash` Gordon (right)In 2001, the BC Marijuana Party joined a growing international network of pro-pot activists working in the mainstream political world. With 79 candidates running across the province, one in every single riding, the BC Marijuana Party made local and world history by rapidly becoming the largest and most successful marijuana party in the world.
As Deputy Leader, most rewarding for me was witnessing these many candidates develop skills and self-confidence as they did things they had been scared to do. Many called me the night before a debate, worried about their ability to perform, unsure of what to say. When they called again the next day they were invariably excited and happy, proud at what they had accomplished and the reception they had received.

One of those candidates was John Gordon, whose eloquence and poise continued to expand as he took on incumbent Premier Ujjal Dosanjh in his home riding of Vancouver Kensington. John also served as the election campaign’s unofficial chronicler, regaling fellow candidates via Internet and email with ongoing tales of his campaign adventures and political education.

BC’s 2001 election was cannabis history in the making, and John has captured these personal yet historically significant events from a unique insider’s perspective. I invite you into this book so that you will be entertained and educated, but also motivated and inspired. I want you, dear reader, to take up the challenge and opportunity this book represents, and do your part to better the world, by helping to free marijuana, and all plants, from the extinction of prohibition.

Dana Larsen
John `Flash` Gordon (right)

Editor, Cannabis Culture Magazine