Hemp Car tours Japan

The car is touring through Japan’s 22 cities, frequenting environmental and hemp-legalization events. The car left the Northern Island, Hokkaido, on 21st April and has already traveled more than half of the 4,500-km total mileage. It is now in the Kanto area and will arrive at Kumamoto in Kyushu on 24th August 2002.

The group uses hemp “biodiesel” made from hemp seed oil, which was sponsored by New-age Trading and the Industrial hemp Club of Japan.



The idea for the tour came from the hemp Car Trans America in 2001.


The Hemp car is bringing the ember from the Atomic bomb in Hiroshima www.otsukimi.net/walk/kokoro/index.html, with the aim of spreading the wish of peace. They also distribute promotional hemp T-shirts. www.partie.net/hpsa/index.shtml.