Northern lights

I am planning to grow in Alaska. My main concern is the long number of hours of daylight in the summer. At the solstice, June 22, there are about 21 hours of light. It decreases at the rate of 5 minutes a day. I was thinking of starting indoors for three weeks under continuous light and then inducing a head start on flowering by changing their light regimen to 12/12 on/off for a week. They would be transplanted outdoors June 1st.
Can I germinate the seeds outdoors around the end of May? I am planning on using an outdoor mix of indica strains.

Z Last,
Leadville, Colorado

I would start the seeds earlier, in early May. They can be germinated outdoors and then planted out. When the plants get about two feet high, sometime in June, start shading them 12 hours a day. Place the blackout cloth on a frame at 6 or 7 PM each evening and then remove it each morning at 6 or 7 AM. The plants will immediately start flowering and will be ready for harvest in late August. They will be blooming while the sun is at its most intense.

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