Protest the DEA

Dear Friend,
The Marijuana Policy Project ( and a coalition of other marijuana and drug policy reform organizations are joining forces to launch a national day of direct action against the DEA on June 6.

At dozens of DEA offices across the country, citizens will serve “cease and desist” orders, demanding that the DEA end its war on medical marijuana. Other types of dramatic, peaceful protests are also being planned. And some patients are planning to engage in civil disobedience.

The effort, which is being headed up by Americans for Safe Access (, is a direct response to the DEA’s raids on medical marijuana clinics in California. In October and again in February, the DEA raided medical marijuana providers in West Hollywood, San Francisco, and a handful of other locations, seizing patient records and forcing thousands of patients to turn to street sources for their medicine.

We are asking you to help organize — or at least participate in — the protest at the DEA office nearest you on June 6. There are more than 100 DEA offices nationwide; a full listing can be found at

If you are interested in participating, please contact Americans for Safe Access via this Web site, at [email protected], or at 510-486-8083.

Why June 6?

June 6 is the deadline for the U.S. Justice Department to file its legal brief in federal court, explaining why it believes the Oakland Cannabis Buyers’ Cooperative (Oakland CBC – should continue to be forbidden to distribute medical marijuana to patients who can legally use it under California state law. U.S. District Court Judge Charles Breyer is expected to rule against the Oakland CBC soon thereafter, unleashing a new wave of DEA raids.

(While it is true that DEA agents might raid medical marijuana clinics before the national day of protest — just as the DEA has for the past seven months — June 6 is a logical day to highlight the cruelty of the DEA and the federal policies that prohibit medical marijuana.)

It is important to note that Judge Breyer will not be ruling on the eight state laws that allow patients to use, possess, and grow their own marijuana for medical purposes. All eight states will continue to protect patients and their primary caregivers from arrest under state law, regardless of Breyer’s ruling. But the DEA’s raids are still pointless, cruel, and hurtful to sick people who need a safe source of medicine.

Please protest the DEA in your community, regardless of where you live. Please visit as soon as possible.


Bruce Mirken
Director of Communications
Marijuana Policy Project
Washington, D.C.

P.S. The Marijuana Policy Project expects to spend thousands of dollars promoting these protests. To donate to this day of direct action, please use our general donation form at