New ways to enjoy Holland this summer

Cannatourists headed for Holland this summer are advised to book flights and accommodations early. Recent political developments in the Netherlands, post 9-11 air transportation changes, and even global warming are causing more people than ever to want to see the world’s most weed-friendly country.
Dutch coffee shop pioneer Wernard Bruining opened one of Holland’s first coffee shops, called “Mellow Yellow,” in 1972. Thirty years later, Bruining has published a handy tour book- The Dutch Coffeeshop Top 50- that shows you how to enjoy marijuana shops in Amsterdam and across Holland.

Bruining has been publishing popular guides to coffee shops for years, but his earlier guides were small maps that mostly featured coffee shops in and around Amsterdam. The Top 50 book lists the best from Amsterdam and the rest of Holland, ranked by Bruining’s meticulous attention to product quality, ambiance, and the friendliness of the shops. He tells you shop addresses, where to get food and other supplies, scenic and cultural history, the location of grow shops and cannabis education centers, and other useful details. The book, which is full of photos and fun illustrations, also contains a listing of the top ten “smart shops.” These shops sell entheogens such as mushrooms and peyote.

“There are many nice shops in Amsterdam,” Bruining says, “but my goal was to educate about the nice shops that are in other towns. In Haarlem, there are three excellent shops and the hemp museum run by Nol Van Schaik. It is very near Amsterdam. Or you can go to a historic smaller town like Hoorn to coffee shop ‘De Boot,’ or to Coffeeshop Far Out in Dedemsvaart. All across Holland there are nice people and nice places to smoke cannabis. By train or car it is easy to get around our small country.”

Bruining is excited about new cannabis tourism opportunities that are coming together this year for the first time.

A company based in Southern Holland, called, is offering luxury week-long cruises, as well as canal cruise day trips embarking from Amsterdam this summer.

“This is a chance to go out on Holland’s beautiful waterways with people who know cannabis as experts, to enjoy the beauty of nature and the plant,” explains Bas, a Cannabis Travel representative. “You can be floating along in complete comfort, no matter the weather, enjoying the finest Holland products, accompanied by others who appreciate the freedom and scenery of our country.”

If you have ever wanted to see Holland, this summer is the time to do it.

Get a copy of Bruining’s guidebook by contacting him at [email protected]. The books are also available at quality coffee shops.

Get canal tour information and book cruises by visiting the website.