Marijuana magazines

The February editions of Esquire and Maxim magazines have us cheering!
It wasn’t just that hunky Mel Gibson graced Esquire’s cover, while sultry swimsuit model Amanda Marcum sizzled on Maxim. We were also excited that Esquire’s frontpiece announced an article on “secret suburban pot smokers” while Maxim’s cover headline screamed: “Reefer Madness! Why everybody’s legalizing pot.”

The Maxim article was a straightforward attack on the drug war, featuring hilarious illustrations and sobering fact comparisons, such as that the average US prison sentence for a murderer is 6.3 years while the average prison sentence for a marijuana charge is 10 years.

The Esquire article was a poignant anonymous diary written by a suburban dweller whose professional, upper class friends smoke pot while raising happy families, helping their communities, and living ethical, interesting lives.

Cannabis Culture says thanks to Maxim and Esquire for acknowledging what we knew long ago: pot is hot, and prohibition is not.

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