The Seventh Annual Dordtse Weedcup

On Sunday the 2nd of June 2002, it will once again be time to hoist ankors and cast off for the 7th Annual Dordtse Weedcup. This yearly event takes place on a ship while boating on the rivers around Dordrecht. It’s a big ship with ample room for 350 guests.
The Dordtse Weedcup began 7 years ago, as a competition between several growers aquanted with Head and Growshop Dordrecht. The first 2 events we took to the wide rivers on a much smaller ship, max 35 passengers. But the atmosphere and weed wasn’t any less of it.

Now we will be boating on a much bigger ship and it looks as though this might be too small. One of the reasons for thes is an artikel in the U.S. High Times which gave the Dordtse Weedcup quite an international interest.

The boat trip.

The boat trip is gong to vary a great deal this year. From Dordrecht we will be going on the Dordtse Kil, on to the Hollands Diep a very wide river. Passing unthernieth the Haringvliet-bridges, on to the Haringvliet, along side the island Tien Gemeeten, then on to Middelharnis, where we will boating up the Spui, the narrowest part of the boat trip. Between Maassluis and Vlaardingen we will enter the Nieuwe Waterweg, and passing by Rotterdam and it’s international world harbour. One of the most spectacular parts of the trip, With a really nice different view of Rotterdam and looking at the cool bridges as we pass underneath them. Going up the Noord river , again heading south, we’ll soon see the Dordtse Dom on the horizon. Then across from Groot Hoofd and the centre of Dordrecht, we’ll let up on the gas. Now it will be time for the presentation of the Dordtse weedcup on the upper deck. With the old centre of Dordrecht as background. To prevent anyone from getting seasick we may take an alternate route, if the weather (mainly the wind), prevents us from ensuring smooth easy going sailing without too much rocking of the boat (we’ll do that).

The cup.

Everyone joining the trip can enter the Dordtse Weedcup. As soon as we cast off you can submit your price winning Cannabis in the upper saloon. Only there you can submit your pot, about 2.5 grams per entry. “Attention” there are 2 categories Nederweed and Haze, only one entry per categorie per person. (Max 1x nederweed and 1x haze)

All of the entered weed will go in the same kind of bags with a different number. Your name or alias and number wil only be on one list, wich I will keep in a closed envelope in my inside pocket. (Closely guarded) Which will not come out until the jury has declared the results by number.

The jury will only have 2 lists of mumbers and 2 piles (neder and haze) of numbered bags filles with some of the finest Marijuana. (Yours)

Because it would be impossible for the jury to smoke all the different weed in one afternoon, a point system will be appleid according to, first impression, scent, looks (clean up), taste, last judgement. The top 5 from each categorie will be smoked and the final decisions will be made for the winning numbers.

The jury consist of 7 people (potheads) with a superb knowledge of weed and are able to give a good judgement.

Last year No Mercy Supply (the sponsor) provided me ( for the first time) a silver challenge cup witch was won by K.C.Brians. We expect K.C.Brains agian to be on board and anticipate a good entry to defend his trophy. Whomever wins the Dordtse Weedcup for the third time in a row will not handover this prime silver Cup. but will be able to keep it.

For the other winners there is naturally world renowned etenal fame and of course a cool cup.

The music.

A party without music is “NOT”. Thats why again there wil be life music on board.

Mango, Het Boeren Syndicaat and a third, not yet booked band will be playing in the disco. The disco is an area where you can sit stand and dance. There is a small bar if you get thirsty.

A band that is getting more and more recognition and has appearences across the country and also been on the radio several times. A cheerfull band with cheerfull music.

Het Boerensyndicaat.

They could call itself eccentric between the other bands. A band full of musical talent and has played all over for years at partys and festivals.

The Nile.

A band from Belgium, guitar, drum and bass, will be playing, if the weather allows, on the aft deck. In between the times that the other bands play.

In the uppersaloon, DJ Arrow and Alive Soundsystem will be playing music to futher ensure a good atmosphere.

DJ Arrow is well known in the Netherlands. And has played quitte often together with his sister DJ Hepcat of whom you can read an intervieuw article in Soft Secrets first issue.

Alive Soundsystem specializing in laying Roots reggea, Dancehall, Dub and Ska. Two DJ’s whom singing and swining make the show.

Together with DJ Arrow, they also provided the music at the first outside weed swapping day. They will surely again provide some good vibes at this Party.

The food.

Just like every year there will be a cold buffet, wich will be prepared on board in the kitchen. And served at approximately 3 o’clock and available till it’s all gone.

The tickets.

The tickets this year will be 75 Euro. Be on time ordering your tickets. You can only do this at the Head and Growshop Dordrecht. The tickets include; the boat trip of at least 100 kilometers, the cold buffet, the possibility to participate in the Dordtse Weedcup and, of course good life music and a lot of fun.

You can find the Head and Growshop Dordrecht in the old centre of Dordrecht.

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