Moldy buds

I grew a few plants this past summer, with unbelievably good results. I hung the plants for two weeks and cured the buds in large canning jars after that.
I was inspecting the buds today and noticed that the tips of the crystals have little balls on them. Some buds have a translucent fuzz growing on them Is this mold as I suspect? Or perhaps just a very advanced stage of ripening?


Your first guess was correct. There is mold growing on your buds, rendering them useless. The reason it started growing on the buds was that they contained moisture. The mold spores were floating in the air or already on the bud. With the correct temperature, nutrients and moisture the spores activated. After growing on the nutrient in the vegetation they produced fruiting bodies, which is what you observed.

I don’t think it’s safe to ingest or smoke unknown fungi or molds.

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