Steve Kubby and Steve Tuck in custody

Pot TV News anchor Steve Kubby: in custody!Pot TV News anchor Steve Kubby: in custody!American med-pot refugees Steve Kubby and Steve Tuck are currently being held by Canadian immigration officials after the pair were picked up earlier today.
Kubby, the 54 year old founder of the American Medical Marijuana Association and host of the Pot-TV news with his wife Michele, suffers from adrenal cancer which he keeps in remission thorugh the use of cannabis. Kubby has recently been subject to a great deal of media attention, with articles in the local Coast Reporter newspaper, the Vancouver Sun and Province newspapers, CBC TV and a recent interview with Fox National News.

Tuck, a Gulf War vet who suffers from severe spinal injuries and uses cannabis to control pain and muscle spasms, has also recently been featured in the media.

Those who observed Tuck’s arrest noted the presence of a plainclothes officer who did not speak or identify himself, leading to speculation that this was a DEA agent or other US representative leading the RCMP action.

Immigration attorneys have informed Michele Kubby that both men must have an immigration hearing within 48 hours. The hearing will take place in Vancouver, and both men will likely be held overnight.

The situation is particularly acute for Steve Kubby, who has not been permitted to use his medicinal cannabis while incarcerated. Kubby’s medical need for cannabis is so great that a day without his medicinal herb could kill him.

Kubby was diagnosed with adrenal cancer in 1978, and has used cannabis steadily as a medicine since that time. No other patient with adrenal cancer has ever survived as long as Kubby.

In a public email, Michele Kubby pleaded for the public to help save her husband’s life. She asked that supporters please immediately call the officers who arrested Steve Kubby, and tell these people that Steve is in serious danger, and that he is not a flight risk and will show up for his appearance, (he showed up for all of the appearances in California).

Arresting officer: Constable Rick LeBeuf 604-885-2266

Immigration agent: Albert Stritzl 604-666-8769

More details will be posted as they come in.Pot TV News anchor Steve Kubby: in custody!