Victoria compassion club raided again

At about 2pm on March 21, the Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada’s Victoria location was raided by police. This is the second recent raid, the first was on January 3, 2002.
According to a report by Tyler MacDonald, Secretary Director of Victoria’s Hempology 101 Society, ” Last time the police were almost sympathetic, taking on a ‘we’re sorry, but we are just doing our jobs’ type of attitude. This time, they were on the attack.”

Five officers entered the Club with a search warrant. Everyone present was searched, and Ted Smith and Lee Morrison were arrested and taken to the police station, Smith in handcuffs. Police also seized about four pounds of med-pot and cash, as well as one of the Club’s computers. Morrison was released after a few hours, Smith is being kept overnight in jail.

After the first raid in January, the club re-opened within hours. This time the door is locked, and according to MacDonald, “the police have said that the premises is now a ‘crime scene,’ and that if anybody is found on the property later they could be placed under arrest.”

There is a meeting and planned show of support at 9am, March 22, at the Victoria Courthuse.

This raid took place three days after Ted Smith organized a Cannabis Convention in Victoria, with guest speakers on hemp and marijuana issues speaking before a packed crowd.

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