Wakeford mails pot

Jim WakefordJim WakefordProhibition hangs by a thread in Canada, as at least four constitutional challenges to pot laws are currently being heard in courts across the land. In the US, battles continue between the states and the federal government for the fate of medical pot. The reverberations are felt as far away as the Vatican, where Pope John Paul II recently rejected legalization, issuing a declaration late in 2001, calling the marijuana and drug economy “death trafficking.” For cannabis users, it is a slap in the face.
Doesn’t the Pope remember when the Catholic sacrament of alcohol was prohibited in the early 1900’s? Are we still living in the era of the witch hunts, when one’s choice of sacrament or medicine meant facing extinction at the hands of storm troopers with a papal blessing?

Wakeford mails pot

Lawyer Alan Young, a tireless advocate and patron of medical pot, is making a major constitutional challenge to Canada’s med-pot laws. Young’s challenge is being mounted on behalf of Jim Wakeford, Canada’s first legal med-pot “Section 56” exemptee who lives with AIDS and was arrested in March, 2001 for growing a supply of med-pot for other legal exemptees. Young is arguing that it is unconstitutional for the Canadian government to give people like Wakeford the right to use medical cannabis, but then to deny them access to a reliable supply.

“In terms of the Wakeford case, it could have a significant impact on the current regime, and I hope we will get a decision from the court of appeal by the end of January 2002,” enthused Young.

Although Young’s case may topple the whole system of prohibition, many med-pot users, even legal exemptees like Wakeford, continue to be harassed by cops. In November 2001, Jim Wakeford was arrested again, on BC’s Sunshine Coast, for sending cannabis in the mail to other exemptees. Wakeford was charged with three counts of trafficking after the mailed medicine was discovered while en-route to its various destinations.

A major victory ensued when Wakeford was found not guilty by BC Judge Dan Moon on December 4, 2001. Judge Moon also ordered the return of Wakeford’s pot and grow equipment.Jim Wakeford

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