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Above is Lightning from BC Seed Co at about 6 weeks.

Below is from a pack of Emery’s “indoor mix.” It seems “hyper-indica” to us.

? Connoisseur

A little love and caring is all these babies asked for.

? P.A.G , Quebec City.

Left is around 20 plants, a mix of Jack Flash, Citrus Skunk, Bubblegum, Green Spirit, Blueberry x Real McCoy, Kali Mist x WW, Skunk #1 and Marc’s Burmese Indoor Mix. It yielded 19-20 ounces.

The close-up pic on the right is Burmese/FI X Blue Heaven. I could see the Blueberry in her. Both pics are at 4 weeks flowering.

? Jon

Here’s my second grow attempt: Blueberry, from Emery Seeds. The leaves are kinda crunchy from over fert, but they were in pH balanced water for the final two weeks.

? fatboyoicu812

This plant is Blueberry X White Widow grown in outdoor BC. All you need is some time in the sun! Overgrow with more outdoor!

? Scot

Top: Pink haired Afghan Dream whose seed mates were white haired polyploids.

Bottom: Afghan Dream polyploid plant. The top has not been pruned or pinched. The double headed beast is a Norse Hammer of the Gods.

? Farquar