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Are expensive seeds necessary to grow good weed? For instance, some of the seed companies advertising in Cannabis Culture Magazine. Can you get a plant to look like the ones featured in the magazine from any kinds of seeds?
Poor Grower,
Morrilton, Arkansas

The plant’s genetics is the most important factor in determining what the plant looks like, how fast it grows, its yield, potency and taste. So, the seed that is planted is the most important factor in determining the quality of the bud. No matter how well the garden grows, the plant’s genetics will determine the quality of the crop. For this reason, it is very important to start with the best seeds or clones.

You have probably noticed that seed prices vary greatly. The high or low cost of seed is not necessarily a determinant of its quality. Prices are determined as a result of marketing strategy. It is true that as a variety gets popular, its seeds go up in price so that may help you to determine a variety’s quality.

Most of the seed breeders do not use standard breeding techniques. They make hybrids of hybrids that have not been inbred stability. The result is quite a bit of variation within a strain. Growers do best by taking clones of each of the plants they grow from seed. After harvest, when the yields and quality have been compared, the best plants are selected, and their clones are reproduced for future cultivation.

An alternative solution is to select clones if they are available. These plants have already been selected for their superior qualities so you don?t have to go through the selection process. The clones have the exact same genetic qualities as their clone mother.

The quality of the plants’ environment does have an effect on the yield, potency and appearance of the bud. Plants which have their needs met in terms of light, nutrients, water, temperature and space will grow better quality buds. However, no matter how good the garden, only plants with the genetic potential will produce great bud.

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