Pot Puzzler

Welcome back to the forever frustrating Pot Puzzler page, where we’re taking a break from our usual Cannabis Crossword to instead enjoy a perplexing paragraph full of arcane anagrams.
But first let’s congratulate our winners from issue #33. The solved crossword is shown below, and the magic word was GARDENERS. The top prize winner was Pat in Ontario. The runner-ups were Anya in New Mexico and Steve in Clearlake, California, who each scored a fun-filled batch of CC memorabilia.

Solve the puzzle below, and write the secret phrase on a piece of paper with your mailing address, and email or phone number, and send it to: CC Puzzles, Box 1416, Gibsons, BC, Canada, V0N 1V0. We also accept entries by fax to (604) 886-1751, and by email to [email protected]. Only one entry per household please.

We’ll do a random draw from all correct solutions postmarked before March 1. The grand-prize winner will receive a sack of BC buds or an order of genetics from Marc Emery Seeds, your choice. Two runner-ups receive CC stickers, magnets and other fun stuff.

perplexing paragraph

The following paragraph contains the names of twenty pot strains, in scrambled, anagram form. All of the words that make up each anagram are together. When you’ve crossed out all the words that make up anagrams, the remaining words will spell out the secret phrase.

solution 33solution 33Find these hidden strains

Afghani, Big Bud, Blue Velvet, Bubbleberry, Burmese, Durban Poison, Dutch Dragon, Early Orange, Hawaiian Indica, Island Sweet Skunk, Kali Mist, Malawi Gold, Masterkush, Mighty Mite, Northern Lights, Romulan, Silver Haze, Stinky Pinky, Western Winds, White Widow.

Mimi, get thy bull vet. Eve, dress new twin. Pious Brandon, shake, strum, grow sum beer suds. Slate new kink. I wed wit who? Ron? Maul Ron. Shirt length! Liz, save her win in aid. Aha, CIA! Pot law? God, mail spy kinky tin. Dig bub? For Doc – drug, than ebb, be blurry. Peace, O Ra! Angry eel? Ask limit.

Example: Free sir regent? Pi topple, warn bun? He leave the slop handle. Oh weed.

Hidden strains: Blue Velvet, Green Spirit, Holland’s Hope, Power Plant.

In this sentence the words “sir regent pi” are an anagram for Green Spirit, “topple warn” is Power Plant, “bun he leave” is Blue Velvet and “slop handle oh” is Holland’s Hope. The remaining words create the sentence “Free the weed.”