Pought Thots

Grower’s complaint
I may be biased because I’m a grower, but hey, we’re the ones making it all possible. Why exclude us? We need grow articles to refresh our memories and improve our techniques. The only grow article in the the latest issue (CC#33) is an article on wicking. Puh-lease. More in-depth DJ Short articles would be great.

How about some real product reviews? Those in issue #33 seem just to be ads. No cannabis connoisseur would be caught dead using this crap.

As far as your photos go, they suck! Especially the Ed Rosenthal stuff. That photo of the hairy guy with the bud in his mouth is just grotesque! Who wants to look at that? It’s a terrible photo and I pity the fool who had to smoke that stuff, mixed in with his hair, sweat and saliva. Gross.


We’ve expanded by 8 pages as of last issue and will be devoting much of this new space to increasing our grow coverage. This issue has 13 pages of grow and budshots, plus our new pull-out centrefold poster.

Satisfying every reader with every issue isn’t always possible. I am besieged by those who want more medical, more politics, more fun, more grow, more hemp, more pictures, more text, and so on. I try to have each issue be as balanced as possible.

Expect future issues to have 12-14 pages of grow and budshots, with an ongoing mix of basic and advanced grow information, as well as clear, snappy photos of fine buds and hash.

? Dana

Fanatical obsessions

What do the United States government and the Taliban have in common? Unbridled fanaticism.

When the US government gave $43 million dollars to the Taliban, in exchange for the Taliban declaring opium poppy farms to be “against the will of God,” the US sought to fuel its own fanatical obsession, the War on Drugs.

Despite US knowledge that the Taliban was an oppressive “rogue regime” of religious fundamentalists with documented abuses of human rights, the US government ignored the Taliban’s systematized cruelties in order to push its own domestic and dogmatic anti-drug agenda.

In the wake of the 9.11 calamities, it is grotesquely ironic that “we” gave millions in anti-drug aid to Afghanistan’s Taliban, the regime that, in addition to committing countless crimes against Afghani people, still harbors bin Laden and his network of suspected terrorists.

By militarizing the Taliban to punish Afghani farmers growing opium poppies ? farmers desperate for a cash crop to feed their families in a country of decimated agricultural infrastructure ? the US government may have indirectly subsidized terrorism.

Just one more example of the Drug War causing more harm than good.

Wrye Sententia,
Associate Director
Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics
[email protected]

Great work

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love your magazine! Real information marijuana users can use, and information on policies all over the world.

The only request I have is more marijuana pictures, perhaps some of the strains Marc Emery sells. I would love to be able to compare them to the buds I grow here in Oregon, where I live and have a medical card.

I proudly grow 35 known Indica and Sativa strains in my back yard. One mother of each strain that I got from clone from a club called Oregon Growers Collective. They helped me get my whole garden running.

I think what your magazine stands for is awesome. Keep up the great work.

Rosemary, Oregon

More humour

Your magazine is great, but I wouldn’t mind some more light-hearted columns, I know there are some funny stories out there.

I’ve had the magazine for a day and I’ve read it five times through.

Chris, Kentucky

Prison censorship

I’m sorry to inform you that I’ve been transferred from my last address where the federal prison warden allowed me to have a subscription to your magazine. This current warden will not allow me to have it. I’ve filed a complaint against this warden invoking my 1st amendment rights to have your magazine. As of now I am hoping that you will hold my remaining issues until I can get through my grievance procedures.

Also, if you can print this in your magazine, maybe some lawyer or law student would help me with this issue.

Thank you,
Bruce Robertson,
03062082, PO Box 1000
Butner, NC 27509-5000

Birthday gifts

A little over three years ago I discovered Cannabis Culture. I fell in love, and sent in a subscription payment right behind my first seed order. I’ve read every word of every issue since. Marc Emery and Dana Larsen always touch my heart with their words and actions, as do you all.

Cannabis Culture always informs me, always moves me to think of, and feel for, others I’ve met through your pages. With every issue you give me hope, and let my wife and I know that we are not alone. I need that hope! It’s lonely out here, and I’m scared to death of my own government. You people help me to fight my fears, and not allow them to paralyze me. That’s such a big deal. We cherish you for that.

Helicopters found my little garden last fall and I’ll be out of medicine in another week or so. For the first time in years I won’t have “my own” to smoke.

There was a time in 1968 and ?69 when I thought legalization had to be right around the corner. Nothing else made sense. Little did I know?

I lived in Berkley then. That’s where these comics come from. I’ve been toting them around for over thirty years. These comics are like seeds from our past, created full of laughter and hope, full of dreams of freedom and a better future for us all. I’ve preserved these seeds long enough, and it’s high time I passed them on. I would like to give these comics to you all at Cannabis Culture, as a birthday present, from me.

You would not believe all the joints that were rolled on these comics, nor all the wonderful people who have read them over the years. I’m sure I would never have thought of giving them away on my birthday, if it wasn’t for all the “giving” I see between the covers of Cannabis Culture. You stimulate me to do more than my naturally lazy butt would ever do without good examples to follow.

Thank you so much for the spiritual kick in the butt you give me. I need it!

With care and gratitude,
Harry O.

Enclosed with Harry’s letter were three dozen classic “psychedelic comix” including old Robert Crumb, Freak Brothers, Skull, Two-Fisted Zombies, Fantagor, and others. They were fun and mind-expanding to read, and have now joined the CC library/archive to be enjoyed by others.

Thanks Harry, and Happy Birthday!

? Dana

Great appreciation

Hi there,

I have been a longtime reader, (since CC#3) and I was that drunken guy who called you the other day.

It is good to sit back and read a magazine that not only has ties to Canada, but goes out of their way to promote topics that I actually give a shit about! I must say you guys/gals are doing a great job.

I live in Prince George, BC, perhaps one of the most overlooked mecca’s of pot production and potencies! I am hopeful that someday I will read about my hometown’s bountiful harvests in your magazine.

Words cannot show my appreciation for your magazine, and for all you have done for the struggle to free marijuana.

Thank you from every stoner cell in my stoner body.

Prince George, BC

Event listing

I picked up my first copy of your magazine and was utterly impressed.

I did have one recomendation. Do you think it possible to make a little space for announcements regarding rallies and protests? I’m sure that plenty of loyal and devoted readers/activists would love the opportunity to unite locally as well as nationally/internationally.

Best Regards,

We can provide a listing of upcoming events, if we receive advance notice of at least 5 months before the event is to take place. We need that much time for the magazine to be completed, printed and reach newsstands in time for the listing to be current.

Anyone interested in promoting their cannabis event in CC should send an email with all relevant information to [email protected].

? Dana