Safe places to grow

In your opinion where is the safest place to legally grow herb in North America?

My answer today is very different than it would have been a year or two ago. There are nine states which allow cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes. They are Arizona, New Mexico, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

In Canada, the government is in the midst of revising the marijuana laws.

Within some US states and Canadian provinces there are specific areas where marijuana is tolerated, the laws are not fully enforced or there are specific pro-pot local ordinances. In parts of British Columbia, especially around Vancouver, there is little enforcement of possession laws. Police do raid grow-ops, but typically just take the equipment and vandalize the house, but make no arrests.

In the county of Mendocino, California, the voters approved an initiative that called for no enforcement of state laws for personal use amounts, which was defined as 25 plants. In Oakland, the City Council approved 72 plants indoors in 32 square feet or 20 outdoor plants for medical use. In San Francisco, medical grows are tolerated.

There are many more locales throughout North America that have a pot-friendly attitude. Do you know one? Let us know about it.

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