Blocked from flight

Irvin Rosenfeld, one of seven people in the US who receive medicinal marijuana from the federal government, is seeking an apology from Delta Airlines for blocking him from boarding a plane in March 2001. Rosenfeld claims he has flown with Delta a dozen times before, that he always warned them of his situation in advance, and that this was the first time there had been a problem. Usually Delta provided for him to smoke his medicine in a smoking lounge, medical clinic or other location.
This time, airline agents told Rosenfeld that he would need written permission from every state over which he flew, or else he would have to leave his government-sanctioned marijuana behind. So far Delta spokespeople have said only “We are looking into this matter.” Rosenfeld has said he will sue if he does not receive an apology and compensation for the missed flight.

Rosenfeld was attempting to fly to Washington DC, to testify before the Supreme Court about medicinal marijuana.

– Delta Airlines: