Marijuana Party Leader not guilty of cream-pie assault

On November 25, 2000, during a medical marijuana protest on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, Canadian Marijuana Party Leader Marc Boris St-Maurice was charged with assaulting an officer? with a cream pie that was intended for a statue of early Canadian prohibitionist Emily Murphy. Blocked by cops, St-Maurice actually threw the pie in his own face, but some of the cream landed on an officer’s shoulder (CC#30, Marijuana Party Proliferation). St-Maurice was in court in late June to face charges.
“We had the videotape the Pot-TV film crew had taken at the demonstration,” explained St-Maurice. “My attorney showed the tapes to the crown and the crown saw no likelihood of obtaining a conviction. So they withdrew the charges. Assaulting a police officer is a pretty wide charge, because even touching a police officer is considered assault.”

St-Maurice is also fighting at least two other marijuana-related cases. He is in court this summer on charges of possession, possession for the purposes of trafficking and trafficking for his role in the Montreal Compassion Club, and he is “a fugitive” from charges of possession of three grams of pot that were allegedly found in his car during a police search in Sault St Marie. St-Maurice missed his court date for the three-gram charge because he was busy with the federal election.

“Even if I do get convicted,” said St-Maurice, “that will stir up enough controversy in the movement that in the long run we will also win. There is no way we can lose.”

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