Hormones for cloning

Is it possible to clone without hormones?
Zipper Santee,

Most cloning solutions contain IAA or NAA, which are simulations of natural plant hormones that promote cell differentiation and root growth. A natural cloning solution can be made from “willow water,” which is water in which willow shoots have been rooting.

The idea of using a cloning solution is that it promotes or encourages root growth. By supplying hormones to the plants similar to the ones they produce naturally to get roots going, the cloning solution speeds the process.

Experiments with cloning solutions in commercial (not cannabis) trade journals have rated the efficacy of solutions from negligible to significant. Differences in time and success rate have been noted.

In unpublished experiments with various cloning preparations, some have worked better than others. This may have been caused by differences in the concentration of the solutions. Marijuana cuttings should be treated as soft tissue, which responds best to a dilute solution. Hardwood cuttings, including older marijuana branches which have turned woody, respond best to more concentrated solutions. However rooting is inhibited in cuttings when they are exposed to too concentrated a solution. This can be just a little more concentrated than a “good” solution.

In the experiments, the control, with no hormones, performed better than two of the six brands; however, the better cloning solutions outperformed the no-hormone controls.

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