Yukon growing

I live in the Yukon territory. We get about 24 hours of light at the beginning of August. By the end of the month we get frost. What do you think the best way to grow outdoors would be? Also, do you think the extra light is a benefit because of faster vegetative growth or a detriment because of having to force flowering?
Yukon Chron,

The plants should be started indoors and placed outside under 1.5 meter-high clear plastic hoops in late May. On hot days the plastic should be removed, but on overcast days it can be left on.

When the plants reach the height of 50-75 cm, which should occur in early June, the clear plastic should be replaced with white/black plastic (plastic that is white on one side and black on the other). The white side should face the sun so that the light is reflected and does not heat the inside of the hoop. The plants should be forced to flower by placing the plastic over the garden each day in the evening at 7 or 8 pm. Then each morning the plastic should be removed at 7 or 8 am so the plants get a full 12 hours of sun, followed by 12 hours of darkness every day.

The plants will flower during the peak of summer so the buds will be at their best. If the plants are forced in mid-June they will be ready by the end of August, before the really cool weather sets in. To protect the plants if it cools in August use clear plastic wrap as needed.

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