Drugsense/MAP needs your help!

After all these years, circumstances require that I ask you to help support our organization with a contribution be it five dollars, fifty dollars, five hundred dollars or whatever you can manage.
DrugSense/MAP faces serious financial straits, in part because our initial funders of seed money are now pressing us to attract more of our support from the thousands of drug policy oriented individuals who utilize our services every day.

This need for support is occurring at a time of unprecedented opportunity for reform. The national network of volunteers working with DrugSense/MAP are important at a number of levels — they influence the media, nationally and locally; they are forming state and local organizations; they are providing reformers, the media and policy makers with an incredible archive of news articles.

MAP/DrugSense is leading the way in ensuring a fact-based, sensible debate on drug policy. Help us take advantage of this opportune time by showing your support today.

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You can donate by either credit card or check. If you can donate $100 or more we have some special gifts arranged for you. See the above web page for details.

Due to a generous Matching Funds Grant by Mr. Ron Bennett, your contribution up to $250 will be matched therefore the effect of your contribution will be doubled.

Mark Greer Executive Director DrugSense [email protected]

DrugSense is working to encourage accuracy, honesty, and common sense in matters involving the failed, expensive, and destructive “War on Drugs.”

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