Children seized update

Ontario resident and legal medical cannabis exemptee Stephen Bacon ? who was denied access to his daughter and forced to take tests to see if his medical cannabis use made him an unfit parent (CC#30, Busted up dates) ? sees the light at the end of the tunnel.
“I am still involved with my child in the Durham region,” said Bacon. “It is March of 2001, and I am still in the assessment process. I am proud to say that I educated them about the benefits of marijuana over the slew of pharmaceuticals that damage my health. The assessment of the judge will be in my favour. I have also begun to talk to my ex-wife, who is starting to do research on med marijuana, and is starting to see that there isn’t anything wrong with it. I believe that what went down with the people involved in this was worth the sacrifice. I am now being given periodic access to see the child at my mothers’, and we are targeting mid-April for a date to decide the matter once and for all.”

Talis Mann ? the hemp activist who lost his grand-daughter to government officials and police who violently attacked his family last September (CC#29, Government abducts hemp activists’ grand-daughter) ? has his family mostly back together again. Proving that the government isn’t all bad, officials have set up his son’s family with a home and furniture for the child. Still, there are lasting repercussions. Talis’ daughter, Amy, is living in the streets, afraid to come home. The mother of his grand-daughter has a huge bruise and internal bleeding that isn’t expected to heal for two years from being beaten by an officer. Talis is also still suffering pain from injuries inflicted during his grand-daughter’s abduction. Meanwhile, he awaits a court date for charges of obstructing and resisting an officer.

California resident Debra Cannistraci ? the medical cannabis patient and activist who was ordered to stop using cannabis or lose her children (CC#29, Busted up dates) ? now has full custody of her kids. Cannistraci has also changed her name to Angel McClary, and is marrying well-known lawyer and medical cannabis activist Robert Raich.

? Angel McClary (aka Debra Cannistraci): PO Box 18767, Oakland CA, 94619-8767; tel (510) 336-0375
? Talis Mann: tel (250) 746-7250