Pot-TV announces shut down

Unfortunately, due to the expenses incurred durring the election and the ever increasing cost of streaming video on a website that recieves almost no revenue, POT-TV is shutting down.
Unless some rich sponsor can come up with twenty thousand a month, or a genius can figure out a way we can do the same, it’s all over baby.

Its been a fun eighteen months, and we’ve helped educate the whole world.

Peace, Love and Big Green Buds,
Chris Bennett


A lot of money was spent fighting for the rights of marijuana smokers like you and bringing valuable information and entertainment to the people for free.

Sadly we don’t live in a utopian world where a media such as ours is able to operate for free.

Now is the time to show your support and fight for your rights with your money by supporting POT-TV and letting us know information and entertainment like we provide is needed and enjoyed. If you want to continue seeing quality, unique programming geared towards the marijuana lifestyle, then please contact us about donating.

Ultimately we would like to find sponsors, if you would like to advertise on Pot-TV or fund us in part or in full, we really need to hear from you. If your a pot smoker who has done well for him or herself financially in their life, we would like to work something out with you. Think about how important the legalization and acceptance of marijuana is and how our station can help to achieve those goals. This is a great way to give back to the community.

It takes a large amount of money to run the station every month. We are brainstorming ideas and one of them is to have a pledge drive. Keep watching the site for as long as it is up for any future information on how you can help.

If you are interested in sponsorship we urge you to call us at: 604-682-0039 or e-mail us at [email protected].

Thank you,
Dondi Meerkat
ex-System Administrator and still volunteer of POT-TV



I loved POT-TV, but it cost just over $500,000 (Canadian) in its 17 month lifespan. Even with cost cutting measures, the staff costs $10,500 monthly, the streaming was no less than $6,000 monthly (used to be $15,000 monthly!), overhead, phones, repairs, revovations, equipment was about $4,000 – $10,000 monthly.

In 17 months, no income of any kind except this wonderful small record label that sent me $100 US every two months or so as a donation. I owe the two streaming companies $46,000.

Then I plunged into the BC provincial election, which cost me $230,000 over the last 5 months, and I still owe $40,000.

Seeds sales are not good in summer.

My total business debts are over $250,000 (including above), and I am still expected to pay a hefty part of the upcoming Canadian Supreme Court hearing on marijuana, the BC Marijuana Party debt, my business debt, etc. in the worst business season.

So decisions were made that will preserve Cannabis Culture Magazine, the BC Marijuana Party Store (& Party), and over the next three months, pay off these pressing debts.

We still have all the POT-TV equipment, and I’d donate its use to anyone who wants to run their own version of POT-TV, but you’d have to pay the expenses.

Sorry to all the staff at POT-TV, which finally got its rhythm after many problems were overcome (except the ‘revenue’ problem), and sorry to our audience, I really thought it was a great idea also.

Would I do it again? I’d have to say no, because if I had $20,000 monthly available to contribute to the movement, I’d open more Compassion Clubs, improve Cannabis Culture magazine, finance more court challenges. We paid out too much money for too few people to watch our shows. Each 60 minutes of viewing cost me $1.20.

Once I have paid off my debts by late this year(hopefully), we will be in a better position to contemplate additional projects.

Marc Emery – Moderator