Blunt Brothers raided

On Thursday, January 18, Vancouver’s Blunt Brothers and the affiliated Urban Organix seed outlet were raided by Vancouver police. Officers entered the store around 12:15pm, made one arrest, occupied the store and packed up boxes of bongs and pipes. By 2:20 police had vacated the premises.
Blunt Brothers is at 317 West Hastings, Vancouver, and opened in 1998. It is on the same block as the new BC Marijuana Party Headquarters. This is their first police raid.

Witnesses on the scene described how police took over the store and taped over the doors and windows so no-one could see inside.

The search warrant indicated that police were looking for pot and paraphernalia. The raid was likely triggered by Urban Organix’s ongoing seed sales.

Store employees indicated that no marijuana would have been found on the premises at that time. Only three customers and two employees were present. No toking is allowed in Blunt Brothers before 6pm.

Police emptied the store of bongs and pipes, but left behind scales and rolling papers. Grow books were also seized. Police dumped out boxes of t-shirts and other legal items, leaving them in piles and stealing the boxes to pack up paraphernalia.

Blunt Brothers re-opened the next day and restocked very quickly. Urban Organix has also restocked and is still in business. No protests or rallies were held, as store owners were unwilling to actively confront police.


? Blunt Brothers: 317 West Hastings, Vancouver. BC, V6B 1H6; tel (604) 682-5868; email [email protected]; website

? Urban Organix: #5 – 311 West Hastings, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H6; tel (604) 682-6788; website