Plant won’t seed

A friend gave me some cuttings of a hybrid called “Saqueena” which has been cloned for the past 10 years. They are now flowering under a 400 watt HPS. The plant produces a few male flowers. However, a friend told me that he’s tried to breed it but was not able to get it to produce seed. How can I ensure that a few seeds are produced at harvest time?
Gainsville, Florida

There are three ways that you can try to produce seeds from this plant. They are crossing the plant by itself, using the pollen to fertilize another plant, or using pollen from another plant to fertilize Saqueena.

There is a limited amount of pollen available from the few male flowers, and the flowers may yield small amounts of pollen, so it should be conserved. Opening buds can be removed from the plant and placed between two clean sheets of paper so the pollen doesn’t drift with a draft. The pollen collected on the paper is painted onto young stigmas (the white hairs sticking up from the ovary) using a watercolor brush.

If the plant will not cross itself, there may be a problem with either the pollen or the female flower. You can try using this pollen on another plant or using pollen from another plant on the female flowers of your target. In either case you could then make a series of backcrosses. Several generations of backcrosses with the original plant would create an approximation of the original.

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