Far North growing

I live in the Yukon territory in northern Canada. We get about 24 hours of light until August, and then we get frost around the end of the month. What is the best way to grow outdoors here? Also, do you think the extra light is a benefit because of faster vegetative growth or a detriment because of having to force flowering?
Yukon Chron,

If you are not working with an adapted variety, the best chance of obtaining mature bud outdoors is to place plants outdoors as soon as the weather warms up in early June.

Let the plants grow for several weeks, until they are about two feet tall. Then force the plants to flower by placing an opaque black cloth or plastic tarp over the plants each evening at 8 PM and then removing it each morning at 8 AM so that the plants receive only 12 hours of light each day. You may have to construct a frame to hold the covering.

Approximately 70 days after forcing, the buds will be ripe. The opaque plastic will not only force the plants to flower, but will also keep them warm each evening as the weather cools.

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