NJ Weedman gets 10 years!

Ed ForchionEd ForchionThe New Jersey Weedman, Ed Forchion, fled to Canada to seek asylum at the Cuban Embassy in November of last year, but was denied. His bid for freedom came after Forchion accepted a deal with the New Jersey courts on charges that he trafficked in 25 pounds of marijuana. Ed Forchion is a Rastafarian who uses cannabis as a sacrament.
He later regretted the deal. During the trial, said Forchion, two of the jurors broke down crying and one dismissed herself from the case.

“I should have been the perfect candidate to challenge this law,” Forchion told the press afterward. Forchion then petitioned the courts to allow him to change his plea, but was denied. That’s when he skipped town for a sojourn north of the US border.

After being denied asylum, Forchion returned to New Jersey where he was sentenced to 10 years in prison on December 1 of last year. He is now appealing.

“His appeal is on the grounds of jury nullification and the fact that the marijuana laws are void for vagueness,” write Reverends Michael and Walter in a press release. “In other words, no reasonable and probable grounds violates the constitution.”Ed Forchion

Ed ForchionReverends Walter and Michael of the Church of the Universe (a sacramental cannabis church in Canada) are asking people to write letters on behalf of Ed Forchion, a New Jersey Rastafarian who is imprisoned for 10 years in the US. Ed visited the Church of the Universe headquarters in Ontario when he came to Canada to appeal to the Cuban embassador for asylum, but was denied. There is more on his story below, and an address to which to write Ed.
– Reverend Damuzi.

Any letters of encouragement to Brother Ed would be greatly appreciated. He continues his fight via an appeal of his conviction and sentence, hopefully via a Prisoner Appeal. The U.S. as we all know is much harder and stricter than Canada on Marijuana users and convicts.
– Reverends Michael Baldasaro and Walter Tucker.


Ed Forchion’s family: (609) 893-3543
Ed Forchion in Prison: #414575, Riverfront Prison, North Camden, NJ, USA 08101-9104
Church of the Universe: www.iamm.com

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