Van Schaik moves on Belgium

Nol at the CastleNol at the CastleDutch coffee shop guru Nol Van Schaik, profiled in Cannabis Culture #29 this month, is taking advantage of changes in Europe’s marijuana laws.
In an exclusive report several days ago, Cannabis Culture first revealed to the world that Belgium had decided to liberalize its marijuana policies. Although the country’s policies are still being finalized, early reports indicate that Belgium citizens will be able to possess and grow marijuana for personal use.

Van Schaik, who owns three pot coffee shops in the Dutch town of Haarlem, and is also running an online “CannaQuiz” that will award the lucky winner with an all-expenses paid trip to Holland, has gotten out in front of the new law by creating a “Cannabis Without Frontiers” website that offers to deliver marijuana, hashish, and grow equipment to the newly-liberated Belgiumers.

“I have friends running coffee shops on the border and I felt sorry for them,” Van Schaik said, “because they were having riots of customers coming over from Belgium to buy weed and hash. The lines outside their shops were a mile long. I also realized that a lot of these Belgium people were driving cars to Holland to buy their cannabis, and then driving back very stoned. All these car trips cause pollution and jam-ups, and maybe some of the travelers will get really stoned and not drive so well. So I decided to do my civic duty to promote the European Union’s quality of life, traffic safety and environment.”

Van Schaik’s selfless efforts consist of selling several varieties of marijuana and hashish, including a newly-arrived batch of African marijuana and Moroccan hash, to people in Belgium via home delivery.

“We’re also designing and building grow boxes that will hold up to five plants, complete with a 400 watt HPS bulb, grow supplies, gardening instructions, and seeds from the famous Positronics seed catalog. We call this our starter kit. Even if they’ve never grown before, they’ll be sprouting some beautiful Positronics seeds within days, and within months, they’ll be harvesting the best home-grown they’ve ever had,” Van Schaik said.

Belgian officials have already talked about Van Schaik’s weedy website in newspaper and television interviews. When I recently interviewed Dutch and Belgian officials about Europe’s rapidly-changing marijuana laws, they indicated that exporting marijuana would still be considered a crime. Van Schaik says he isn’t worried.

“I’ve always been the Willie Wortel who believes that we make the law by breaking the law,” Van Schaik said. “The Belgium government says it will allow people to get weed in Holland, and to have it, and to grow it themselves. I’m just offering a service to make things easier for everyone. If the governments don’t let me send weed to Belgium, I guarantee you that a lot of unlicensed people will be happy to do it anyway. Sure, I expect the Dutch government and the Belgians to call me any time. Maybe they will be happy, maybe they will be sad. But I am performing a civic service by offering cannabis to Belgium, and I think the officials will see it my way.”Nol at the Castle

Van Schaik’s Belgian website can be viewed at