Haarlem Happenings

Nol at the CastleNol at the CastleDutch coffee shop guru Nol Van Schaik started his online “Cannaquiz” in early January.
Approximately 1,0000 contestants are battling in this first-ever quiz. The grand prize is an all-expenses paid trip-out to Haarlem, Holland.

Haarlem is located a few minutes for Amsterdam, and is becoming increasingly popular with cannatourists who enjoy Haarlem’s relaxed ambiance, gourmet restaurants, and Van Schaik’s three top-ranked coffee shops.

Cannaquiz is a three month competition that requires contestants to answer weekly questions about Cannabis Culture, marijuana science and politics, and pot websites linked to Van Schaik’s www.wwwshop.nl.

Van Schaik is celebrating the tenth anniversary of his “Willie Wortel Workshop” (WWW) pot house by staging a ten-day party that ends in mid-January.

WWW party-goers have been receiving free bags of hash and pot. They’ve also received a fascinating history lesson that uses movies and television shows, along with newspaper and magazine articles, to document how Van Schaik and the WWW crew created a vibrant marijuana scene in Haarlem.

Willie Wortels WorkshopWillie Wortels Workshop“The interesting thing is that everybody thinks marijuana is totally legal in Holland, that it’s an easy business to be in,” Van Schaik said, while WWW manager Marcel Dekker sorted through newly-arrived Dutch ‘Unique’ hash and ‘White Christmas’ buds.

“The government, and indvidual officials, can make it very hard for us and our customers, so we’ve had to be very alert to squash attempts to interfere with the cannabis movement,” Van Schaik said. “I am proud that we are able to advocate for recreational and medical users. We just purchsed a property to begin our fourth shop. I would like to create a cannabis club, similar to other private clubs, that will raise the Dutch cannabis experience to an even higher level.”

During the celebrations, Van Schaik has been visited by hundreds of loyal customers, old friends, and new friends.

“We had a visit from an herb genius, who brought us some bottles of ‘Boesie,’ which contains an herbal combination that is said to be a natural form of Viagra,” Van Schaik said. “It’s manufactured by a Dutch medical company, and our boys who have tried it say it has a very noticeable effect. So do their girlfriends!”

Van Schaik looks forward to hosting the lucky Cannaquiz winners. He also extended an invitation to all Cannabis Culture readers.

“Marc Emery’s magazine and the Internet are the best activism tools in the world,” Van Schaik said. “I invite all people who love this culture, and are willing to make a pledge to work for legalization, to visit with us here in Hemp City.”Willie Wortels Workshop

Contact: Nol Van Schaik and Cannaquiz can be accessed at www.wwwshop.nl and www.go2weed.com.