Dead Dogs

David MacMillan, whose dog Squirt was shot and killed by police during a Winnipeg marijuana raid netting only a tiny amount of cannabis (see CC#20, Pigs kill dogs), had his charges of possession stayed on July 4.
“I’m selling t-shirts,” MacMillan said. “They say ‘In memory of Squirt, shot by the police for 2 grams of pot!'”

Police also used deadly force against Ron Raber’s dog Kona, when they raided Raber’s son’s seventh birthday party and shot the family dog, spraying blood onto a nursing infant on January 3, ’99. They had entered the Abbotsford, BC home looking for marijuana (see CC#17, Breaking down the law).

Since the raid, adjucator Peter Millward of the BC Complaints Commission ruled that Constable Matthew Sekela, who was supposed to be watching the home before the raid, should have known about the birthday party. Sekela was found guilty of discredible conduct. Millward also ruled that Constable David Schmirler, who shot and killed Kona, was guilty of improper use of a firearm.

Millward characterized the Abbotsford SWAT team as a “powerful and dangerous weapon.” After Millward’s ruling, a ministerial review of SWAT teams was ordered by Attorney General Andrew Peter.

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