Best beginner’s strain

Dear Ed,
I am a beginning grower. I am wondering which strain to begin with. I plan to grow in a small space, probably a closet or dresser. I have not chosen lighting conditions but will use whatever is needed for the strain I choose. Is there an ideal strain for a beginner grower such as myself?

Future Harvester,

There are a lot of good strains around. For instance, Marc Emery’s operation advertises over 400 varieties. Most of them are derivatives of commercialized strains.

As with commercial seeds, such as tomatoes, except for a brief, very favorable description, buyers do not really know what they are getting. Add to this that the middlemen can be deceived, so the strains they advertise may not really be what the seeds are and that many “varieties” are really hybrids of hybrids and do not produce uniform results. It’s a crazy world out there and it’s still Buyers Beware.

All that being said, there are some varieties that are fairly easy to grow. The Skunk series and the White series are both fairly common, extremely high in quality and very easy to grow.

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