Woody gets off

A Kentucky jury found Woody Harrelson not guilty of misdemeanor marijuana possession on August 24, ending his four-year court battle to get Kentucky to differentiate between hemp and marijuana.
Harrelson was arrested in 1996 after publicly planting four hemp seeds, and launched a constitutional challenge to the state’s ban on hemp. In March 2000, the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled that there is no legal difference between hemp and marijuana, and sent Harrelson back to the District Court for a jury trial.

Despite video-taped evidence of Harrelson planting the hemp seeds, the jury declared him not guilty after only 25 minutes of deliberation.
“Regardless of what the Supreme Court says, and regardless of what the legislators say, those people don’t think it’s right that someone should go to jail for growing industrial hemp,” said Harrelson after the trial.

Harrelson has also invested heavily in a non-wood pulp mill project in Manitoba. Harrelson, Canadian Alliance party co-president Clayton Manness and businessman Jeff Golfman have formed Prairie Pulp and Paper Co.