Club Drug Anti-Proliferation Act amended

Dear Cognitive Liberty Allies —
Good news!

As originally introduced on May 25, 2000, the Club Drug Anti-Proliferation Act of 2000 would have made it a federal crime to disseminate information about using or manufacturing Ecstasy, and would have arbitrarily equated Ecstasy with methamphetamine for the purposes of federal sentencing. In line with an analysis by the Alchemind Society’s Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics, both of these flawed provisions have been struck!

This is a definite victory for drug policy reform. National media and law enforcement attention on Ecstasy and “club drugs” has never been higher. The fact that Congress has seen fit to temper its reaction in the midst of such hysteria shows that reasoned analysis still carries weight.

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–Wrye Sententia
Alchemind Society