The secret life of hemp

Hemp researcher Alan Middlemiss is studying human-hemp communication.
He is growing 40 acres of organic hemp in Manitoba, and has marked off three plots, each one meter square. These plots are regularly photographed, and their images are placed onto the Internet. Middlemiss explains that “interested parties will be told which plot they belong to, and which website to visit, to view their new hempen friends.” The observed plots will be compared with each other and with equal sized controls from the main crop.

The goal of this experiment is to see if observation will “positively affect the growth cycle of the hemp via remote communication with the plants.” Middlemiss was inspired by the book The Secret Life Of Plants by Christopher Bird and Peter Tompkins, which details similar experiments.
Middlemiss will be measuring the plots to determine differences in seed yield, oil yield and oil quality.

Middlemiss told Cannabis Culture that his project has attracted international attention. “There are people from England, Africa, France, Usa, New Zealand, Australia and Jah knows where else tuned into the project. If nothing else they get to watch the pretty hemp grow.”

If you are interested in taking part in this unique experiment, check out Middlemiss’ website.

? Secret Life of Hemp: