Curing bud

Dear Ed,
What is the best way to cure bud and eliminate the homegrown taste? I will be harvesting quite a bit from 2 1000 watt HPS lamps.

J Inca,
Columbus, OH

There are many ways to cure bud, but the technique preferred by connoisseurs is the slow-cure method. The plants should be cut up so that individual stems can be hung on string or placed on open grill trays. The plants are placed in a cool, dark room, kept at 55-65?F (13-18?C) with a steady draft. The buds will slowly start to dry. At the same time, the cells that are still alive will change some of the starches to sugars, resulting in a smoother smoke.

After about five days you can raise the temperature in the room to about 80?F (27?C) in order to shorten drying time. Depending on the humidity, the buds will require one to three days to dry. There should still be a small amount of moisture in the buds when the drying process is over. The bud should bend a little before the piece breaks away.

Once the buds are dried they should be placed in tightly sealed glass jars or metal containers, and stored in the freezer. The buds can be kept in the freezer indefinitely with no loss of odor or potency.

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