Update on the drug-info ban

Cannabis Culture has received notice that the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2000, which was amended in June to include the entire text of the Methamphetamine Anti-proliferation Act, is likely not to be passed into law before the coming US elections.
Bill Piper of the Drug Policy Foundation (DPF) told Cannabis Culture that “the Bankruptcy bill has stalled and is probably dead.”

Piper explained that “the Bankruptcy bill is in an unofficial conference, which means that they can’t report the final bill out to be voted on. They can attach it to another conference report, but nobody wants the controversial Bankruptcy bill tied to their legislation… Clinton has also promised to veto the Bankruptcy bill as it is currently written, because of some non-drug related provisions in it.”

Yet all is not safe for freedom of the pro-drug press. Piper warned “it is possible that this bill may gain steam,” and there is also a good possibility that those who introduced this legislation will try again after the elections, unless they are convinced that it would cost them votes.

Also, Piper explained that the version of the Methamphetamine Anti-proliferation Act passed by the Senate still contains all of the censorship and secret-search provisions, and that when the toned-down House bill is passed there will be a conference committee to “iron out the differences” between the two versions. It’s possible the bad stuff could be slipped into the bill again, and so Piper warns that “we need to make sure that the final bill reflects the changes made in the House.”

Our contest offering prizes for activist letter writing on this issue continues. Please send emails and letters to your Senators and Representatives, thanking them for supporting amendments to this bill, and reminding them to make sure that these provisions do not become law through the Bankruptcy bill or other legislative trickery.

For updates on the drug-info ban, go to www.cannabisculture.com/infoban.