Psychedelic Bookstore raid letter campaign

Please send this letter of protest to the prosecutor in charge of my case. It would help me very much.



To be sent to:

Chief Prosecutor Bo Josefsson Prosecution Authority in Stockholm Box 70296 107 22 Stockholm Sweden

I formally protest against the harrassment that Thomas of the Psychedelic Bookshop has been subjected to. To be accused of a serious narcotics offence and held under arrest for twelve days over a product that has no psychoactive effects whatsoever is completely unnaceptable and is a clear case of perversion of justice.

The product in question is not prohibited under Swedish law as it contains no intoxicating cannabis resin. The product fully complies with European Union laws for hemp products, laws which also apply to Sweden as a member of the European Union.

With this in mind, the actions of the police and prosecutor against the Psychedelic Bookshop stand in no reasonable proportion to the alleged crime that is claimed to have been committed. This case is a clear example of justice being flagrantly disregarded in Sweden and will therefore be reported to the European Court of Human Rights.

In conclusion it should be pointed out that the Psychedelic Bookshop has, for many years, been critical of the Drug Squad in Stockholm for their unlawful methods. It is regrettable that the prosecutor has become a pawn in a campaign whose obvious purpose is to eliminate critics of the Drug Squad.

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