Fake buds exposed!

You’ve seen the ads in High Times: “Real Budz! Stoney Hydroponic Smoke! Ultra-potent smoking mix!” Yet what is that stuff? The ads sure don’t give you any indication of what you’re actually buying, other than their trademarked names like Thai-Stix, Afghanish, BC Hydro, Inda-Kind, and Sweet Green.

At Cannabis Culture we decided to order some of this stuff and try it out for ourselves. (CC used to run ads for these products as well, but we stopped back at issue #6.)

So we ordered sample packs from International Oddities and Riverdale Organics, the two biggest pushers of fake pot products. I forced myself and other CC staff to smoke a quantity of each of the blends, in order to ascertain their effects.

We discovered that both companies rely upon deceit and ignorance to sell their products. The Riverdale Organics products list their herbal ingredients in such a way as to mislead the naive, and make them as pot-like and exotic as possible. International Oddities provides no ingredient information at all, making their origins and contents even more questionable.

Riverdale Organics

Riverdale Organics’ Hydro, sold for $35 per half-ounce, is the most palatable of their smoking blends. The Inda-Kind is full of chunks of stem, and the Sweet Green is a tangled mess of brittle stalks and roots which is impossible to put into a joint.

The Hydro’s ingredients are listed as “cheshteya buds” and “lettuce opium”. The Sweet Green is cheshteya and “arabian marachobah”. Cheshteya also appears in the Inda-Kind, with other mysterious herbs.

A search for “cheshteya” on the internet reveals that the word appears only on websites selling these products, otherwise the term does not exist. Our resident herbalists concluded that cheshteya was in fact mullein, a herb commonly used as an alternate smoke. However, a fat bag of mullein can be bought at any herb store for a buck, while a bag of these cheshteya blends costs twenty times that.

“Arabian marachobah” is another mysterious herb which exists only in fake pot-land. The consensus was that this is in fact gotu kola.

This kind of mislabelling and using exotic, pot-like terms for their ingredients continues throughout all their smoking blends. The Inda-Kind contains “cannabaceae buds” which is hops (part of the cannabis family but non-psychoactive), along with mentha piperita (peppermint), passiflora incarnata (passion flower), and S. Officinalis (soapwort).

Strangely, some websites which sell Inda-Kind list different ingredients, including Wild Dagga (Lion’s Ear), Indian Hemp (dogbane) and Nepeta Mint (catnip). I called Riverdale and asked the fellow on the phone why there were different ingredients listed for the Inda-Kind. He said that the formula had been changed within the last year, “but not significantly”, and that I should just trust the label.

Smoking a big pipe-full of Inda-Kind gave me a headrush accompanied by mild nausea and the quick onset of a headache.

The Chocolate Thai Oil is the best-smelling product of the lot. It has a strong scent of herbal chocolate, which in fact it is! Among other ingredients it contains the exotic sounding “theobroma cacao” which is also known as cocoa ? chocolate. Other ingredients include myristica fragrans (nutmeg) as well as the cheshteya/ mullein and peppermint.

Putting a drop of Chocolate Thai Oil on the end of a joint, as recommended, resulted in the joint either flaring up or going out instantly. When we were finally able to get it going the delicious chocolate flavour was quickly replaced by an acrid taste. It produced no significant psychoactive effects, and a burning sensation in the lungs about 10 minutes after smoking.

Riverdale’s herbal hash products include on the label a definition of hash: (noun) 1. a jumble or mixture. This is presumably intended to get them off any legal hooks. The Mean Green Irie Jamaican Formula includes ingredients such as Marybud (Marigold), Jamaican Tangawizi (ginger), and the “TH3 complex” of Lettuce Opium, Artemesia absinthum (wormwood) and cheshteya. The Turkish Brown Original Ultra-Chronic Blend contains many of the same herbs, as well as “Salvia O” (common sage) which is written as “Salvia O” to mislead people into thinking it’s the psychoactive Salvia D ? Salvia Divinorum.

International oddities

International Oddities’ ads deride their competition, claiming that they sell “herbal tea” and “slut out the market.” They even include a small package of Riverdale’s Hydro with your order, calling it “cheezy shit”.

Yet are Oddities’ products truly superior to Riverdale’s? They do look more impressive, long “buds” in sealed glass vials, chunks of soft Afganish stamped with the IO logo. Yet they are essentially the same products with better packaging and presentation.

The Thai Stix is described in the ads as being a “highly resinous 7 inch bud”. Yet it’s not a bud at all, but rather herbs pressed around a wooden skewer, soaked with some kind of resin. The smoke tasted the same as the Inda-Kind: thick, cloying and headache inducing. The Maui Wowie was exactly the same, without the resin dip.

Oddities’ Killer Skunk is described as being a “1.5 gram bud,” but it is actually moist leaves pressed together in a glass vial. It tasted like cloves, but was hard to identify in its mushed state after being removed from the vial.

The BC Hydro-ponic does look very similar to pot buds, but of course looks can be deceiving. The buds are not true buds, but rather herbs compressed together into bud-like shapes. What at first appeared to be glistening crystals was revealed upon closer examination to be some thing external applied to the compressed herbs, to simulate trichomes. Their ads describe this product as being “10x strength” without specifying what it’s ten times stronger than.

The Ultra Wizard Smoke is not very smokable at all. It is mostly made up of stems with a few dried, wilted leaves clinging pathetically to them. It is hardly the “custom smoking hybrid” as advertised, and didn’t get us baked at all.

The Black Opium is a tiny ball of gooey tar. The sticker on the baggie says “Please don’t SMOKE our BLACK OPIUM.” I obeyed the subliminal instruction and dropped a dollop onto the end of a joint. It was a very floral taste, but didn’t induce any dream-like states or visions.

Questions and… questions

After their products arrived, I called up these two companies to ask them about their wares. Spokesmen for both companies refused to identify their ingredients. I asked the Riverdale Organics spokesman what cheshteya was, and he told me that “only the top, top people, our founders, know what these herbs are.” He explained that they would not reveal that information, but that he believed that cheshteya “comes from the Caribbean.”

The International Oddities spokesman told me that their products were all “unique plant hybrids, splices of esoteric herbs.” I pressed him on this, asking how it was possible to hybridize and splice different plants together. He said it was a “secret process” known only to the highest echelons of the company. Yet their products are clearly not unique hybrids, but rather different herbs mashed together and smeared with resin.

Added irony

There is an added irony to these products and their prominent placement within High Times, including Oddities’ use of High Times‘ name and endorsement in their ads. HT promotes their magazine as being a publication aimed at adults, and they frequently claim in editorials that children should not be encouraged to toke up. Yet these companies almost certainly sell the majority of their wares to people too young to get real pot and too ignorant to know the difference.

If a youngster is going to smoke, isn’t it better that they use real pot, known to be safe and non-toxic, rather than a blend of mislabelled herbs with unknown properties and effects?

It is irresponsible to sell and promote products for human consumption which do not identify what they contain. It is true that many of the herbs used in these blends are reputed to have medicinal and mildly psychoactive effects. Yet these herbs are not intended to be smoked, and are usually consumed in food, drink or oils. To promote and blatantly lie about the contents of something sold for smoking is irresponsible and dangerous.

I’ve got to lie down now, my lungs hurt.



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  15. jim.b aka j.bob on

    I ordered from IO and found (to my chagrin that the Can O’ Buds (approx. 1oz) it NOT one ounce by weight, but one ounce by VOLUME. By weight the 4 ounce special (buy three – get one free) actually weighed out to less than 3 ounces by weight.

    The product is OK, with small headchange. A seasoned MJ smoker might not notice it as much as a non smoker. The aroma is somewhata pleasant.
    I smoke in a hookah, so the smoke is not harsh.

    I think that some truth in advertising is in order.
    How could a person buy a pound?
    How much is a pound of volume?
    How about the products offered as grams.
    How is a gram of volume measured?

    I have lodged a protest and am waiting for another response.
    I will let you know the outcome.

    In the meantime, you have been warned.

    Party On,
    Okie Tokie

  16. jason on

    ok, io and any other company selling “legal bud” is horse shit. anybody looking for an alternative to pot or just another way to get high, my advice is go to your local shopping mall and buy salvia divinorum. i tried alot of “legal bud” and it is all shit. in fact, the only affects of buying and smoking these so called buds is wasting money and fucking up your lungs for absolutely no reason. your actually better off saving money and raiding the spice cabinet at home and start experimenting lol. mix some tea, parsley, and oregano and there ya have a smoking blend that will taste just as bad, not get you baked, and give you a headache, just like io’s products, only difference is the cost. the only legal thing i found to do anything is salvia d. or you can always look up how to extract dmt from mimosa hostilis root bark powder. of course that is NOT legal, but the root bark powder is and is like 80 bucks for a 1/4 lb which will get you about 5g of pure dmt, but i digress. the salvia d. is still the only legal thing i know of that has any real affects and i dont think io or riverdale sells it. its illegal in some states and maybe thats why, idk. what i do know is these ripoff companies should be charged criminaly for theft by deception at the very least. cigarettes are legal and look at the fines the tobacco co. have to pay, not to mention having to pay for and run smear campaigns on their own products. imho, riverdale and io should be forced to do the same. i really hope this helps ppl to not waste their money on these so called buds

  17. Anonymous on

    Hey I just want to stop people from wasting the $25 I did! Look I smoked the whole box of the dro product and there where NO RESULTS so if your curious like I was don’t waste the money I can’t smoke real bud so I tried this but before I get anymore fake bud from international oddities I will go outside and pick some grass and smoke it. But this is just my personal opinion so don’t press charges on me lol hope this review from a real disappointed customer helps you guys I repeat NOT WORTH A SINGLE PENNY?

  18. Gerald Mallory on

    hello I recently sent a money order for 135 dollars for your can special to be sent to nj elizabethport specifically. i would like to know when will i receive my products i sent it five days ago and to no avail. please i invested a nice sum of money into your line of products based on trust and believe in your product so much that i did the foolish thing of selling my brand new x box 360 slim to get the money to get your so called exotic buds.. my phone number is 862-218-8465 can someone who knows something call call me and give me sum sort of clarity that my product is on the way. it would really be appreciated..my address is 310 bond street elizabeth nj 07202 gerald mallory..or can sum one give me sum info on international oddities i want to believe there product and mail order service is legit..

  19. Anonymous on


  20. Kitabatake on

    I dont know if its because I have too much THC in my system or have been smoking too much Damnia, nettle leaf and, mullein leaf mixes.. But the can of Krypto I ordered really fukin blows.. The first join did sht, the second one I put the resin sample of black O included and it hit rly nice and fell asleep (Note that I mixed it with my own herbs as well. But after trying 3-4 more joints to wake and bake and getting no Effect I have to give this shit a 2/10… Guess I should use it to water down my real trees since i do it with tabacco anyways and this does have a nicer smell and hit then tabacco…

    All in all, krypto wasn’t for me.. still hoping their something out there thats truely near even regs quality -_-

    Oh Wait their is and you get that when you mix Damania, Nettle Leaf, and Mullein Leaf. This Mixture gives you some what of a Mids grade high or low rate kryp which is still fukin nice since its legal and it hits nice. The great thing about this too is that… well you can buy 3 pounds (1 pound each) of the mix for just 35 bucks online!. There you go, Now you know how to get high for cheap and still get a great effect.

  21. Ostropolier on

    Tell you what, smoke some Mrs. Dash seasoning. I’ll even soak it in karo syrup and put it on a stick. Safe effect. Better Flavor, 1/20th the price!

  22. Anonymous on

    I recently purchased a “can of dro” from international oddities (directly from their website, not their competition). I, being an experienced smoker who is unable to enjoy the natural herb, decided to give it a try. I had very high expectations from all of the information and testimonials on IO’s website. I ordered online and waited about a week for the “dro”. Needless to say it was very well packaged and had a rolling machine, papers, and a bag with a little spot of “black O” inside. I immediately opened the can and rolled a big joint, went outside and lit up. After the first one, I felt nothing, nothing at all. So I rolled a second. Guess what? Nothing. I waited a few days and tried again thinking that maybe the excitement of the first time may have effected the outcome. Again, I was disappointed. I even used the “Black O” with the same results. I must say I was very disappointed with the products I purchased from IO and I hope my testimonial will help someone else from wasting their money on these products. Maybe the real thing will finally be legalized and I can once again enjoy the herb that I so miss. PS. I could not post a testimonial on IO’s website.

  23. MOONMAN on

    I purchased two kinds of herbs recently from international oddities one was called krypto, and the other was called blueberry (only the exterior of the box smelled like blueberry), both “herbs” looked and smelled the same. Since there was no ingredients on the box, we didn’t really smoke to much but what i did smoke, tasted nasty… These fake buds smelled alot like cloves, and thats what i figured they were. I tried blending it with real buds and it was smooth “i’d rather smoke weed by itself” not pleasant, relaxing, or tasty as a matter of fact. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYBODY TO BUY FROM THESE PROVIDERS ITS ALL A HOAX…
    I WOULD BE BETTER OFF SMOKING FLAVOURED TOBACCO IT TASTE BETTER AND IS TEN TIMES MORE RELAXING. I do intend to report this to the better business bureau. These fallisies should be stopped. There are plenty of herbs for smoking that they could use, don’t know why they gotta put up such a front. Just be real about what your selling



    Also this screwed up my idea of buying online cuz this is the first time i’ve ever bought something online… waste of time and money

  24. BettyQ on

    I refuse to stay anonymous!! they are taking advantage of people and WE the VICTIMS should SUE!!! because these people are probably fat cats who are laughing and taking people’s money for free while we sit here and stuff our lungs with tea leaves and FAKE GRASS because we TRUST these guys!!!

  25. BettyQ on

    i JUST Recently received a can of their Panama Gold bud. MAN! was i dissapointed!!!! before i found out about their Fake bud i ordered a box of Blueberry Bud.. it tasted disgusting and it dried up in a matter of days. the panama gold was compacted in a small can and once you open it the only thing you can smell is Malboro and other additives. its basically tobacco and tea leaves mushed in resin. the smell was sickening. this “weed” as they put it… has side affects alright! headaches, a smelly home and a hurting, empty pocket. not only that, but i also ordered their “amazing” “mood enhancing” pills and i NEVER received it! PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THESE PRODUCTS!!!! THEY ARE NOOO GOOD!

    P.S what god is a website where there are no Contact Us links nor Comments links either???

  26. Anonymous on

    i just received a shipment of the “krypto”. i am highly disappointed. Stay away from these “smoking alternatives”, as they will simply disappoint and sicken its consumer. a strong chemical aroma arose once i first broke the seal of the can. almost as if the smell was something to preserve or hold the herbs together in bud shape. the smoke was harsh; unlike what was described on the site. a mild headache which was followed by nausea and a bad after taste.
    in short, don’t waste your time, money, and fresh longs on this horrible mixture.

  27. Jimmy on

    Wow, there sure are some critics in here. I had a totally different experience myself, I liked the products.

    I have been buying my buds from Legal Buds for years, they have some really good product, I like the Orange Crush the best myself. If anyone wants to give them a try, you can get more info here: http://www.buylegalbuds.info

  28. Anonymous on

    would ya check out legal buds . com? im courious about their products. im a toker from the old days (70 – 80s). and todays market of green is so skimpy and most of it is crappy junk from the street. so im looking at this site to consider if it is a better quality high than to days street crap. thank you for your time. look forward to hearing from ya soon. redneck toker.

  29. RussianSnowTigr on

    I was hoping to buy some and be able to smoke freely but unfortuneatly, I’m not retarded. Believe me, just buy some high grade buds from a local guy, at least you won’t have to pay for shipping. It’s worth you while. If you really want to save big, get together with a few buddies and grow 1-3 plants. Its well worth you while.

    PS= Has anyone heard of this Entheogen-Psychotropic shit??? I saw it advertised on this site and it also looks like fake shitty bud! I’m pretty pissed that they’re advertising fake stuff while they’re bashing other companies. Everybody seems to be a dishonest rat in this world of smoking pleasure. Just meet a few people who you can trust, grow with them, don’t get greedy with money or amounts, and have a good time. Money is ruining this industry and the consumers will continue to be raped unless we learn!

  30. Anonymous on

    well do They atleast sell quality pipes an shit? or is everything a waste of time?

  31. disgusted in connecticut on

    I just received an order from Intl Oddities and I am very disappointed. I ordered the 420 Special package for 55.00 which includes Dro and Stunk buds with a small gram sample of Black O (hash like resin). I was also given free items which included a lighter that didn’t work, which they say is a 30.00 value, some hemp rolling papers and a hand held rolling machine. The buds of both the Dro and Stunk “look” real in the package but when I opened them up they smelled like cigarette tobacco with a hint of blueberry. I broke up the buds which were pressed together leaves with no sticks or seeds in sight, rolled them and lit up. The smoke smelled just like a cigarette and tasted like it too. I quit smoking cigarettes 13 years ago and hate everything about them, the smell, taste and smelly fingers etc. so these were very disappointing to say the least, but I tried to give them the benefit of doubt and smoked 1/2 joint of each herb. I was so disappointed when I felt nothing at all except deceived. The extinguished joints smell just like a cigarette ashtray too…gross. The best thing in the whole package is the rolling machine and papers, which are not not worth the 55.00 plus 10.00 shipping I paid. There is no contact info for refunds or customer complaints, the 800 number is totally automated so you can’t speak to anyone either. I warn all others contemplating ordering from these guys to forget about it and go and buy a pack of cigarettes instead for a whole lot less.

  32. Anonymous on

    So true..these so called “legal buds” are a way to trick smokers into wasting their money on products from the company that claim “they work”. It’s all libel and slander spread by these malicious companies all in the name of making profit and exploiting the weak minded. It disgusts me that the government allows this. If you are going to smoke these so called “legal buds” don’t bother, you are wasting money and time. You are better off buying some real bud from a street dealer knowing you are actually going to get high. Fake buds are for pussies. Everyone should boycott these fucking stupid companies

  33. Anonymous on

    Smoking fake buds is a damn rip off. Companies are in it to scam people out of there money and make profit by selling shit that has no mind altering potential what so ever. Fake buds are for pussies if you are going to smoke, you might as well go buy the real shit instead of wasting your money on shit that has no effect. I don’t care what you try to say or what the “supposed research of the company suggests” It’ all a damn lie and people who run these companies or work for them should be ashamed of themselves for lying to their buyers. Bunch of stupid shitholes spreading libel and slander to the smokers of America.

  34. Anonymous on

    lmao…. bullshit.

  35. Anonymous on

    These companies are also breaking the law everyday. Specifically exporting plant matter to countries they know will not let the material past customs, IE Australia, but if you read the faqs on their sites they will tell a customer they have never had any problems delivering to these countries – BS artists.
    The sooner AU customs stitches these cocksuckers up the better!

  36. Juliejay on

    I love how IO constantly says “we were spammed, someone copied us, etc.” and I think it’s even better that Riverdale (aka 420Herb) never even attempted to stand up for themselves. You guys are sad and pathetic.

    For those of you looking for ACTUAL legal alternatives, type the chemical name “JWH-018” into Google. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Either smoke pot or smoke an analog, either way, don’t fucking go with these bullshit, sad little companies who just can’t wait to get diamond earrings for themselves for Christmas. It makes me sick to my stomach that there’s nothing legal that can be done to people who run companies like International Oddities (aka International Bullshit) and Riverdale Organics (or Rivershit Crap).

  37. seaweed on

    you live in ca and wasted your time with alternative bullshit when cannabis, GOOD cannabis at that, is readily available EVERYWHERE. Must just be a lawyer looking for a case to sue……

  38. Anonymous on

    I agree i bought an once of fake bud i was mad as hell

  39. Anonymous on

    International Oddities’ Stunk, which used to be called “Skunk” (I wonder why they changed the name) is not a bud, it is legal herbs compacted into a bud shape. Most of the “legal buds” on International Oddities’ site and in International Oddities’ High Times ads are made this way, though a lot of them are wrapped around a stick.

  40. Anonymous on

    About every third post to this “legal bud” article either claims to be from International Oddities, links to International Oddities’s site, or is talking about how great and delicious International Oddities’ “legal buds” are. It might be International Oddities making the pro-IO-legal bud posts, or an affiliate of theirs.

  41. Anonymous on

    I’m sitting here hoping that even though both of these rival companies sound like total bullshit, IO just might be some exception to rational thinking and logic. You have to at leat give them credit for, if nothing else, creating one hell of a smoke screen (no pun intended) with the lawsuit. First, I’m shocked that there are people who are like “well, I don’t want to get high, but I enjoy the flavor of a smoke”, personally…I enjoy getting high. I’m single, responsible, graduate school educated and I live in an area where I can probably go score some Crystal Meth on the corner, but as I edge out of my 20’s and all of my friends have started to have family’s and stopped smoking, I am totally screwed. So here I am…I will donate to NORML..keep doing research on how to be an activist, that happens to be my profession, but in the mean time..what’s a girl to do?

  42. PentagonSmoker on

    crap i jus bought some legal buds from legalbuds.com. have u heard anything about this company? i only got half an ounce but im not smokin it if its bs. do u know anything about legalbuds.com’s Hawaiian haze bud ??

  43. Anonymous on

    I just bought some Stunk today and it looks like a bud from a plant. Those pictures above look nothing like what I saw in my local tobacco store. This article is some yellow journalism at it’s best that was probably written by a dealer who is upset that some people use alternatives.

    I also bought some Cannabis Free ciggs at the same time. I enjoy the ciggs more because I know what’s in them.

  44. Anonymous on

    suck a dick IO

  45. Anonymous on

    Think they were made by International Oddities affiliates? The comments section of this article seems to have become an International Oddities “legal buds” “legal weed” advertising page. The article itself is good and should be read by anyone considering buying those legal bud and legal weed products. And yeah, I keep typing legal buds, legal bud and legal weed to help keep this warning page at the top of the Google results.

  46. G-nonymous on

    I just cannot believe this bullshit. This kind of ignorance makes me want to murder-suicide. I just thank the Most High that I have something nice and green with actual capitate-stalked trichomes containing real psychoactive compounds to inhale.
    And here you have these “International Oddities” douche bags rambling on… “this article isn’t about our products!…our competitors are spamming the internet with these negative comments about our product…we’ve been in business for 20 years…blah blah blah”. These assholes obviously are not going to cut the bullshit, so it is up to you all to stop being fucking idiots and give your children real cannabis so that they don’t waste their money and do god knows what to their health with this crap. You wont even list your ingredients or the effects thereof, yet you claim on the website that you guys actually “grow” this stuff. And every little comment anywhere on the internet raising awareness about the truth of this garbage is just a competitor of yours? Right, that totally explains why the majority of them are denouncing ALL of these “legal budz” shit products, not only those by Mr. IO.
    It is unfortunate that publications such as Cannabis Culture and High Times run these sort of ‘Legal Bud’ advertisements, but you can’t blame them for your being so blind. It is getting very tough for printed publications to stay alive, they need whatever advertisers they can get… it really is just unfortunate.
    Don’t waste your money on the bullshit. Donate to NORML instead, once the real thing is legalized these assholes will hopefully be put out of business and we’ll be seeing ads for real actual legal marijuana instead.

  47. Int'l Oddities on

    This is Int’l Oddities. Our competitor Legal Buds.com ‘s AGENTS keep making SPAMMY POSTS bashing IO presumably BECAUSE WE SUED THEM AND WON for cyberpiracy and a fistful of other dishonest business practices. You can read more about Legalbuds.com ‘s ADMISSION of guilt on ALL COUNTS in our post below or on our site.

    The point is they keep doing it. Impersonating customers so people will miss the FACT that this TEN YEAR OLD ARTICLE IS ACTUALLY ABOUT THEM- RIVERDALE ORGANICS-A COMPANY AND PRODUCTS they (legalbuds.com herbalsmokeshop.com monstersmokeshop.com) PURCHASED.

    IO’s products are so superior to anything else in the market these tactics are seemingly the only way anyone could try to compete with IO’s quality.

    THE PRODUCTS ABOVE THAT ARE SAID TO BE SO BAD are advertised RIGHT NOW TO THE LEFT OF THIS PAGE in the Head Shop supply ad. Nice Eh? Except for some reason Cannabis Culture took down the photos in the article a few weeks ago. Wonder why.

    They do however take advertising for these very products.

  48. sounds on

    I got caught out by that monstersmokeshop.com
    They have lots of delicous looking products all listed as potent smome, so obviously that would mean there’s some good effects in the form of a high like illegal drugs would give you. But after getting my order of orange krush, i soon relised i just got done for 62$. No high whatsoever.
    The threw in a feww bag of wild green, it looked like the shaving off some kind of soft palm tree or some other furry type of exotic plant, lovely taste id have to say, but that’s not what i bought it for, it was listed as potent smoke, so they lied on their site. If you goto international oddities, there;s a page on their competitors sites about court cases they brought agenst these guys for false advertising etc.

    Here’s an email reply i got from international oddities after emailed them saying i had ordered from monstersmokeshop.com and relised i was ripped off, was just looking for a legal alternative that got me high, something nice like these companies have listed, but it;s all fake?

    Yes we are aware of that other company – they go under many different names and websites, another main one is legalbuds.com. You can read about them on our website here: http://www.internationaloddities.com/legal-buds-news.html

    Although we don’t discuss effects for legal reasons, we can tell you that we sell to stores all across the US, and have been doing so for years. We get alot of repeat business, both retail and wholesale – our customers love our products. We also sell Internationally too of course. Our company was the first to enter and develop this market about 30 years ago, and there have been copycat attempts to do what we do, but no one has come close yet.

    I was hoping i could find a decent legal smoke as it’s virtuallymposible to get proper smoke where im from, and for quite a while now we have to buy this incense type of mix called SMOKE, it gets u high nicely but nothing like a real j.

  49. Anonymous on

    I was an avid pot smoker for 30 years. I would not smoke shwag, only the tastiest buds I could find, the “expensive” stuff, especially on the east coast. I smoked more for the taste of it than anything else. Recently, I had to quit because pot increases my heart rate by about 25% and was causing increased high blood pressure of 165/90! It was also causing unnecessary stress since I couldn’t concentrate when I was stoned. The tasty stuff is too potent, making me frustrated, emotional and depressed. After quitting for 18 months, I really miss the flavor and all of my friends still smoke it. I wanted something else that wasn’t going to cause these problems that had a great taste. (I totally hate the taste of tobacco!) Recently, I found IO products and I tried several flavors. None of them taste anything like MJ! So if that’s what you’re looking for, that’s not what you’ll get. However, the Ahia Bud is very mild, not harsh at all and has a decent flavor, though rather bland. It’s like a mild sage and is definitely buds, not compressed leaves. It’s sort of flowery tasting. The Killer Stunk was very harsh and has a somewhat bitter flavor, I didn’t like it much. But the Albino Rhino flavor is delicious!!!! It is a little harsh to smoke in a joint, but no worse than some pot I’ve had many times. It smokes really nice in a deep bowl, a bong or hookah and the flavor is just awesome! I also tried the sample of the “Black O” that came with it. Personally, I thought it was delicious! I ordered an oz it was so good. I did get a bit of a head-high similar to hashish that lasted for hours, but not so stoned to where I can’t concentrate. In fact, it actually has a calming effect that allowed me to increase my concentration and reduced my usual A.D.D. So, if getting baked is all you care about, smoke your MJ, but if you want something flavorful that you can smoke anytime that’s not a nicotine ridden tobacco product, this is a reasonable alternative. And frankly, you honestly have no idea what is in some of the pot you’re smoking unless you grew it yourself! I’ve had some pretty nasty shit over the years.

  50. Anonymous on

    Where are the pictures that used to be in this article?

  51. Anonymous on

    Too bad I can never take anyone’s word on something and need to find out everything for myself because I wasted $55 purchasing Krypto from International Oddies. I’d read a LOT of reviews, and gave the purchase quite a bit of thought, and although I was extremely skeptical, eventually my curiosity got the best of me…

    First, anyone who says this is a smooth smoke is either lying or deluded. Inhaling Krypto burns like the worst Mexican skunk weed I’ve ever had the misfortune to experience. It tastes okay, but not because it tastes anthing like the real thing – I’d say it must be kind of like smoking potpurri.

    Secondly, aside for some very, very mild relaxation, I got nothing even resembling a buzz. And by mild, I mean I could have gotten the same results by drinking a cup of chamomile tea, but without inhaling ‘God knows what’ into my lungs.

    Third, smoking the free ‘resin’ sample felt like I drank a cup of chamomile tea AND a Mountain Dew. So, I assume that all of thier smoking products are as useless in the buzz department.

    In short, the best things about my purchase have nothing to do with the product. I dug the free roller and hemp papers, the canister will make a fine souvenier and besides, now I have a funny story to tell. Still, I don’t think I would have paid $55 for these ‘benefits’… If given the choice, I’d take the skunk weed instead.

  52. International Oddities Inc. on


    Legalbuds.com / Herbalsmokeshop.com / Monstersmokeshop.com ARE who’s products are pictured here. They bought out Riverdale organics who this article is actually about.

    Legalbuds.com/G.L.E. make FAKE POSTS PRETENDING to be customers and in violation of a Federal Court Order their agents continue to attack International Oddities.

    LegalBuds.com/G.L.E. are upset because THEY GOT CAUGHT putting up false and deceptive internet content encouraging others to impersonate I.O. In a signed statement Legalbuds.com Herbalsmokeshop.com Monstersmokeshop.com ADMITTED IN WRITING to committing-

    Cyberpiracy, Trade Libel, Infringement of Federally Registered Trademarks, Unfair Competition, Contributory Infringement, False Designation of Origin, False Representation, and False Advertising AGAINST International Oddities Inc. and were ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

    Why are there IO products in this post which have not shipped yet? Now you can figure it out for yourself or read more on our website.

  53. Anonymous on

    First of all you have completely wasted your money and time.
    International Oddities sells nothing but bullshit. I am in the process of contacting consumer affairs,e business complaints and even the Governor of California and the Mayor of Torrance California where I.O. is located. There site is filled with nothing but false advertisements and nice pictures of Buds but the products when you get them look nothing like the pictures. Its crap in balls sprayed with a resin and smells and taste like shit. There site says nothing about all sales final but its printed on packing slip when you receive your order. I am also in the process of filing court papers I have contacted an attorney in Torrance California to act on my behalf in trying to get my money back. I am also trying to get the word out about this company to keep other people like myself from getting ripped off and I’m sorry I am too late for some. I will tell you now “THERE IS NO WAY OF OBTAINING AN ALTERNATIVE TO WHAT YOU WANT SO DON’T TRY”

  54. Anonymous on

    Does anyone even know how long it usually takes to get a package from International Oddities? I ordered my on a Saturday and the promised was that it would be shipped the day that they recieved the order, which I did online. I called a few days later and they said that it was shipped on Wednesday and that it should be at my door in five days. I tried calling after that, they didn’t answer the phone. Ten days passed, still no package. I kept sending emails and calling, every email was the same FAQ answer about shipping that I should get it in 5-10 business days and no answer by phone. Finally, after they don’t send it at all and answer my call, they “realized” that it was never sent at all and claim to have sent it that day. I am still waiting for my package. Do they even have tracking numbers? Someone help me please!!!!

  55. Spyter on

    Yeah I got dooped into buying a pack of the anti gravity smokes and that shit did nothing and tasted like smoking ass… I broke a couple open and found what looked like frick’in lawn pom pom fluff. I mean, what the hell? I should have just tried to roll my ash leftovers from my water pipe bowl… probably would have got some kind of taste like ass high at least, rather than just tasting like ass and doing nothing.

  56. Lazarus Einstein on

    First of all I would like to thank you for posting this article. I personally had bought a “glass tube” from a certain company advertising that it was one huge “Hawiian” bud. It was not. It was, like you mentiond, a bunch of…crap,(my words, not yours.) compressed to a friggin stick. It smelled kinda sweet, but I just couldn’t place it. I smoked the crap outta that…crap, and NO head change whatsoever. AT ALL. Eventually, it ended up in the trash. I do not know who the HELL theses so-called “satisfied customers” are that give testimonials, but they obviously DO NOT really smoke. Come to think of it, check the testimonials at I.O. and you’ll actually see that most of them, not all, but MOST, only state how fast the shipping is. Not the high. So I just want to let more and more people know that, “If it’s not real, it’s a bunk deal.”
    Thank you,
    A Proud Smoker

  57. Anonymous on

    this page is compleetly true!!!!!!!. i had to learn the hard way. i got some of that hydo stuff the other day. took 8 big puffs i held it in my lungs for 40 sec. each and felt nothing at all.. but then 2-3 min. later i felt my skin itching me like crazzy it felt like my skin was cracking and splitin all over my body manily my chest. so i took a cold shawer right away the iching stopt.. then all of a sudin i felt verry dizzy and puked all over my shower 3 times eveon wen i had nothing in my stomick… it was hellish then i walkt to my bed to lie down and found out that i was burnin up. i checkt my body tempercher and it was 102degres.
    there stuff is compleety crap. they should at least test there crap to them selfs.. or mybe they did and im like the 1 and 1000 peaple who expereincet the same that i have.. my freind told me that i should try to sue there ass but i dont wana risk everything by them trying to get me back because they are a muilty milloin doller compeny… and most off the time the rich all ways wins.. well thats my story and i hope no one gose though wat i went though by buying there crap and suffering like that..
    and i hope this info was usefull for others….

  58. Anonymous on

    International Oddities is full of shit with their “Wizard Smoke” product. It tastes like Im smoking a clove and not even a little buzz. Watch out for this product being sold in adult novelty shops around the U.S. As a consumer who just wasted about 40 bucks for a half ounce that went into the garbage. Terrrible product for anyone looking for alternatives.