Le club compassion de Montreal

The October 1 opening of Quebec’s first medical marijuana club in Montreal has everyone pleased.
Community and government alike have been supportive, and there have been no problems with the city or the provincial authorities. Federal Bloc Quebecois minister Bernard Bigras was on hand for the opening. Even the Montreal police have only “kept an eye” on the location.

Caroline Doyer runs the club along with Louise Caroline Bergeron, from their location on Rachel St on the plateau in Montreal. The club requires members to have a doctor’s recommendation, and asks doctors to confirm their recommendation over the phone.

The club currently has over 60 members, and aims to provide quality marijuana at low prices. For $8 per gram, members can select from several strains which meet the club’s quality standards: properly flushed bio cannabis only.

The club doesn’t keep regular hours, and doesn’t yet provide a smoking lounge, but members can meet at the club to discuss smoking methods and read through the club’s library. In the future, they’d like to provide a place where members can hang out and relax.

The club has a variety of smoking devices on hand to instruct members and explore different cannibinoid delivery options. “We had an electric pipe here that blows the smoke for you”, says Doyer, explaining that some of the older members of the club have never smoked at all, or have trouble rolling joints. Some prefer to use a vapourizer, which doesn’t irritate the lungs, and is easy to use.

Doyer is a full-time student and Bergeron just had a baby, but they still find time to run the club. Their success is as much due to dedication as it is to the support and solidarity within the Montreal cannabis community. Doyer explained that the organizational help of Quebec’s Bloc Pot has been invaluable. The club has also been networking with other compassion clubs across Canada, who have shared their experiences and expertise.

With one more successful compassion club open in Canada, what’s surprising isn’t how far ahead Canada’s medical marijuana community has come; it’s how far Canada’s medical marijuana legislation lags behind.