Church of the Universe challenge

Reverend Brothers Tucker and Baldasaro, of the Church of the Universe’s Tetrahedron High Council are pressing forward with their demands that the sacramental use of marijuana be recognized as a valid religious act, protected under the Canadian Constitution. On November 1, the Federal Court of Canada will convene for an oral hearing of the crown’s second motion to dismiss the Church of the Universe’s plea for legal sacramental marijuana.
On that day, the court will also hear the brothers’ cross-motion to add eight more church members as plaintiffs to the action. Included in the cross-motion are Charles and Lianne Scott, who are also members of the Church of the Universe (see Canada’s cannabis confusion).

“Church members across Canada are asking to join with us,” said Reverend Baldasaro. “Just because Brother Walter and I are left alone, doesn’t mean that church people around the country aren’t being thrown in jail.”

Members of the Church of the Universe who are facing charges for the use or cultivation of the holy sacrament might ask the judge to delay proceedings against them until the church’s constitutional challenge has been heard.

Meanwhile, the Reverends Baldasaro and Tucker are wondering what happened to the pot that they sent Minister of Health Alan Rock. On September 2, they sent the minister a sample of some of the church’s medical bud, but so far there has been no letter acknowledging receipt, nor any response whatsoever from the Health Ministry. The brothers were hoping to supply cannabis for the Ministry of Health’s upcoming clinical trials of cannabis. A Ministry of Health spokesman claims that no record exists of the ministry ever receiving such a package.

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