MS sufferer busted again

Grant Krieger, a veteran marijuana activist who treats his Multiple Sclerosis with cannabis (see CC#16, The long harm of the law), was arrested again on August 25 for growing marijuana for Calgary’s Universal Compassion Club, which he co-founded.
Krieger is angry that Minister of Health Alan Rock’s new program to distribute legal medical cannabis has so far greatly restricted who can use it, while publicly appearing to move forward on the issue. So far there have only been 16 exemptions, all for AIDS patients. Cannabis helps Krieger to avoid the damaging and eventually fatal attacks of shaking brought on by MS.

“When my muscles are in spasm, I have no control of my bowels,” said Krieger. “Why do I have to wear diapers when I’m 45 years old? Maybe Alan Rock would like to come and wipe my ass for me!”

During his court hearing, Krieger initially refused to promise to not cultivate marijuana or distribute it to the sick. The judge kept him in jail for 16 days without the healing herb, severely compromising Krieger’s health. Krieger finally agreed to the terms.

“I walked into jail and when I came out I was in a wheelchair. I stiffened right up and became spastic. I lost a lot of weight. In the first couple weeks after being released from jail I put on about 17 pounds.”

Patients at Krieger’s UCC continue to suffer without access to medical cannabis.

? Grant Krieger at the UCC: (403) 286-4088