Amsterdam Cafe Faces Closure

The owners of Vancouver’s Amsterdam Cafe, Karen Watson and Sita Windheim are looking for a new venue for their cannabis activism. The Amsterdam was raided for the third time on July 29 (see CC#20) and is facing a number of difficulties which will possibly spell the end of the store.

The chief licensing inspector has informed Watson and Windheim that the licence for their store is under review. A “licence review” is what finally closed Hemp BC and the Cannabis Cafe. Also, the Amsterdam’s lease is up at the end of October, and the landlord is hostile to the store?s continued presence.

“We have a half a dozen things going on that would continue our name and reputation,” says Watson. “We want to get into wholesaling. I want every hemp store in Canada to sell seeds. We had a friend travel across Canada promoting new strains.”

The Amsterdam is also providing funding for issue 15 of David Malmo-Levine’s magazine, Potshots; entering the 1999 Cannabis Cup; and working on opening a larger bed and breakfast from which to provide grow seminars and tours of headshops for tourists.

In early August, Watson and Windheim appeared before a judge. Karen Watson appeared as a result of a warrant for her arrest, and Sita Windheim appeared voluntarily. They were released on their own recognizance and have not yet been charged.

? Karen Watson and Sita Windheim of the Amsterdam Cafe: tel (604) 683-7200; email: [email protected]; website: